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Cancer and the unbelievable confusion over body mechanisms

Monday, January 21st, 2013

We are all looking for the truth, also in the field of health and what food to eat to have an optimal health. But there is no consensus to find in this area, no agreement. This clearly indicates a deep lack of real knowledge.

Let us look into the connection between cancer and lifestyle including food, stress, exercise.

The German physicist Virchow stipulated that all new cells are made by the existing cells. So in the case of cancer the cancerous cells come from cell division of existing cells. This basic premise is possibly wrong according  to a paper published in 1976 by the Japanese doctor K. Morishita The Hidden Truth of Cancer .

We do not know the cause of cancer. It is now defined as a a sudden change in cell structure with a change in DNA following thereupon. The whole world including the cancer industry and modern medicine will benefit if we find and can pinpoint the cause of cancer.

This will also learn us to live healthy and happy lives as these things are probably connected. Morishita’s hypothesis is that unhealthy living causes cancers.

Cancer is now officially described as malignant cells that suddenly mutate from normal cells, leading to invasive growth and metastasis.

The major question today is: Why have these cells formed at all? There is no answer to that because the present cancer theories are wrong. Modern medicine will never find the answer. Cancer can not be sudden – out of the blue – it must have a cause.

At present the care of cancer is surgery, chemicals, radiation. Officially we believe that cancer is incurable and deadly for the patient, but that the patient can be kept alive for a time with medication.

Morishita hypothesises that cancer is linked to the food quality and quantity, and he has confirmed that via experiments of many kinds. Longevity, character and cause of disease is linked to diet. Food is life. Cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, and all chronic illnesses depend on diet.

The basic principle must be found, and then it can be applied to all other diseases.

Animal and man receive their nutrition through the intestines, plants via their roots. Modern physiology says that the intestine does digestion and absorption of foods. This is wrong.

The villus of the intestine is like a n amoeba. Here physiological production of blood takes place. The food is transformed into red blood cells by the villus. These cells then turn into body cells. The red blood cells gather and form organs and tissues. Therefore our body is about transformation of food.  Food is life. The red blood cell is the fundamental material of our body. Food is digested and transforms itself into a red blood cell and then becomes a body cell. Body cells may reverse into red blood cells under conditions where normal production of red blood cells stops because there must always be enough blood cells in the body to transport necessary oxygen to the organs of the body. The result of this reversal is a loss of weight, and if it continues you will die.

Cancerous growth starts because the body is acidic. The cancer cell is a body cell which has been transformed from a red blood cell. A red blood cell attaches to a a cancer cell and transforms into a cancer cell. The cancer growth is stronger than that of normal cells, and will dominate.

Cures for cancer are found in China, India etc. in the form of plants and herbs that rebalances the body fluids. The basic premise of a cancer cure should be to attempt to restore our natural healing power so that cancer cells become red blood cells. This means restoring the natural alkaline acid balance of the body. To do this cancer therapy should be changed into dietic, mental and physical therapy. Cancer is caused by malfunctioning of body cells due to adverse living conditions that leads to acidic body fluids.

As a preventive measure one should live near nature, avoid commercial food, eat organically grown food, avoid syntethic chemicals, keep fit, avoid mental stress.

Our diet must be slightly alkaline. The main factor in keeping a body healthy is keeping a proper alkalie acid balance in the body. Your body is naturally slightly alkaline, and your diet should aim at keeping it so. It is important to check your food for acidity, and a good balance is achieved by eating 70-80 % alkaline food.

A good long term balanced diet is what is required, and this is maybe best achieved through juicing of greens as a mainstay of your diet. Extremes of eating should be avoided.

An important part of this regimen is to have enough water in your body. When we are born we are 90% water, when we die we are 50% water. Water intake should be 2-4 liters per day of ionized alkaline and hard water.

Salt is in there too, with many tasks, the most important one is to be basis for a good acid in your stomach. Salt should be unrefined pure sea or mineral salt.

Exercise frequently and lightly with a varied program. Extremes are not healthy.

These are all taken from literature, but think for yourself about what is right.

There is a big controversy coming regarding cancer, and maybe we will have a revolution soon.

May be the situation is more complex that shown here. but so far this all seems to go well together: acid alkaline balance, water, salt, exercise, mental control.

More details will be found and presented. Follow this space, and do some thinking for yourself.

Science or not – we must get to our soul and use it too

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Our food is without doubt converted into both soul and muscle, making it possible for man to move about and to think, evaluate and feel. The immaterial side of man is surely part of us too.

Man is enveloped in electromagnetic fields, the atoms in our bodies follow the laws of physics, quantum mechanics, frequencies, radiation, but precise knowledge of this side of us is scant.

The soul or psychic side of our being is not given the attention it deserves, and it is almost hidden among people who think in mysterious ways, are psychics, alternative thinkers or mystics. It is considered non-scientific, it can not be measured and tested.

We should all be more interested in developing the science of this part of man. We must try to bridge the gap between physics and metaphysics. It could be good for all, in many ways.

It is about intuition, sensing others, communication between people, higher consciousness, remote sensing, healing, spiritual growth, energy and more.

There are many practitioners around, all claiming knowledge of a hitherto diffuse kind. We must persevere and try to understand what is going on. If this is true humankind could benefit greatly. It could even help us understand our connection to the greater we.

Mainstream media have often contributed to misconceptions and myths.

So these are a few notes of supposed relevance:
Many people are said to have psychic abilities as they are in real practice able to heal people, to see things that are hidden. People engage in meditation, affirmations and emotional healing, we learn about Chi and psychic energies, practice psychic self-defense and learn energy manipulation, we master psychic readings, psychometry, psychic healing, telekinesis, remote viewing. The effect of placebo lacks a clear understanding.

The psychic potential is great according to practitioners. We could all live a happier life using the spiritual tools and gifts we were born with in a way that fits into our everyday life. We may boost the brain’s physiological performance, seek spiritual intervention, have the readiness and capacity to clear our minds and be able to distinguish between psychic intuitiveness and normal imaginations. Unlocking psychic power is an art that can only be perfected through patience and practice.

Themes of interest are telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, aura reading, clairvoyance, divination, past life regression.

We also have psychokinetic abilities known as electrokinesis which is the metaphysical manipulation of electrons, and autokinesis which is the metaphysical manipulation of energy.

Parapsychological research with individuals possessing these abilities within a wide range of strength and precision have been undertaken, but there is no clear science of seeing or healing yet. Enhancement stones which are stones, metals and crystals been proven to enhance this ability.

Electrokinetics and autokinetics which communicate with electrons or general energy to create a form of electrical or energy surge or “solar flare” which are high temperature small waves that can be created up to 10 to 15 feet. These surges are locally created through communication or emitted out of the body, primarily through the hands or feet.

Mystics, philosophers, religious teachers and shaman throughout time claim that the third eye is the gateway to develop our higher self and experience deeper life meaning. Pineal gland and third eye is the same and is about developing your higher self. The saying is that we are capable of exciting higher self and 3rd eye experiences.

The brains of Tibetan monks who have meditated for 40+ years are said to have remarkable levels of conscious awareness.

There is also now a shamanic renaissance concerned with shamanic healing and the technology of the sacred.

Several authors claim that the laws of physics do not have to be rewritten to explain how psychic abilities work. They state that psychic abilities are possible due to wirelessly transmitted data and commands weakly emitted through the mind and bodies own natural electromagnetic radiation. Psychokinesis is possible by means of coupling critically tuned frequencies operating in the electromagnetic near-field.

Wireless transfer of energy and data is said to require a strong coupling between an electromagnetic resonant object and a kinetic/psychic. This coupling is possible by the transmitter and receiver being critically tuned to the same metaphysical frequency.

There is more: Many kinds of kinesis, there is astral projection and remote viewing, empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, postcognition, oracles and mediums, divining and oracular abilities.

There is surely more. This area of human activity must surely be pulled out of its scientific darkness, into the light and made us of by all.

Follow this space and you may be enlightened. One day, a day of future thrills, we will see more.

Spiritual enlightenment: A tiny weeny thought about why you are here on Earth

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

It is not wise just messing about on Earth, you may seriously damage both yourself and others, and the Earth itself to boot.

Today materialism is rampant, the world of technicalities is all we have, we are losing ourselves. It is time to start the work to see ourselves.

So please start some work on yourself and try to understand who you are and what you do on the Earth. You should also think a bit about how to transcend as a human being, so as to have a life that is a good as possible, and what your role could be if you put your mind and abilities into it. You are the only one who can do this, but support can be found everywhere.

When we are born we know nothing, and gradually your personality is built. You have a body, intellect, emotion, instincts. Things soon start to fall into place for you and you function in all practical ways.

The big challenge is to find why you are busying yourself in all manners and ways,  why you are here? What is the purpose of human life? What is the nature of reality?

Religion as it is practiced today does not give you an answer. We must search to find the best of mans teachings, the teaching before religion, the original myths,  what we found to be right then, and turn that into teaching that is valid today. There surely are basic truths to be found that we can build on, that earlier generations have found.

We are searching for man’s connection to a higher level of creation, to look for how we can attain a harmonious development of man. We wish to build man’s collective memory, to develop thinking that can be the basis for future development. This could be the best cumulative understanding of the human condition both individually and collectively.

We must find the issues that are continuous and universal, the issues that we can build our civilisation upon. At the moment these truths seem to have been forgotten.

Humans are part of the ecosystems, but believe they can exist by themselves. This is not true as the interconnectedness must be universal, and we must strive to understand these links. The questions of body and soul are central.

The soul side of our existence is not accepted, it is tension filled as it is not scientific (today). Understanding can only be achieved through effort. The objective of it all is to find our role in the cosmos and establish a dialog with what is above us spiritually. The challenge is to achieve a higher and more profond human experience.

Einstein has been quoted as saying: “There is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man. There is a conscience”

This hierachy is hidden from us today, but will allow us to be part of cosmos and grow in consciousness as part of the cosmos, and in conscious harmony with it.

The knowledge we are thus seeking can not be subject to changes over time and space.

The way to go forward is the 4th way (the others being the way of the fakir, monk, yogi) and that is huge.

It is about searching for the limits of the human mind, to raise man to a higher mind, find objective knowledge of the same kind that governs the universe that we call science. This will be the science of the cosmos and man’s place in cosmos. It is universal and will stay so, there is no right way, no owner, nothing can change it.

People have known it before and practiced it, it comes from over us, and our job now is to find it, work at it so we can understand who we are. It is about microcosm and macrocosm, man and universe, finding and understanding the universal laws that penetrate everything.

We must study both man, nature and the universe as the same laws govern it all. Man must study himself, each one of us must do that, and by doing this he finds the world.

We have never studied ourselves and the lack of knowledge of our self stops us knowing the world. Any knowledge is only valuable if it helps man’s self-knowledge.

Knowledge is about context, about finding that little bit that helps us understand ourselves.

We all want to grow, to become more than we are. Practical work is needed, consciousness over time and this requires constant work.  Here self-remembering is the key – get rid of noise, mechanical life ans work to find your own self. If you can manage self-remembering you can manage to work towards consciousness.

If you can awake your consciousness you can become a real being. There are many ways to do it and you must find your own way. Working towards consciousness is hard, and it is not required, you do it if you want to. Evolution of consciousness is rare, but conscious individuals can do it. It is a chance, it is an untrodden road, it is risky.

But its dimensions are great as it is about man’s place in the universe and understanding yourself. Your reward may be to grow a higher being body, see the endlessness of  the universe and man, get nearer to the purpose of human life.

It is also about neutral, non-egoistic love, your ability to function in a huge cosmos.

Start the hard work, stay at it for long, even if your only reward may be found in the satisfaction of having tried hard.

Our world needs your work on yourself.

There is no universal truth. The only truth is personal and is what you yourself sense now.

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

The concept of truth is traditionally important in many ways.

It is an important factor in philosophy where lines of reasoning, logic steps are based on the concept of true assumptions.

The fact is that there is no such thing as an universal truth: absolute, relative, objective, subjective or whatever. The concept of truth has often been associated with power play, government, politics, science as a tool of conformity and suppression, or as a means to gain advantage over others.

The use of the concept of truth is also a hindrance to further development of many matters. When something is declared true further search for meaning and understanding often stops. As an example there can be no political truth, and scientific truth is nowhere to be found as science is perpetually changing into new forms.

Factually there is no such thing as a common truth. We are all individuals living in our own world, which is a world being constantly recreated in your own minds. As you live and grow through experience and deeper insight, your picture of the world develops, constantly taking new forms.

Your reality which is also your truth also constantly  changes. This makes it possible to reach higher levels of consciousness, and to live a richer life, a happier life. You do not remember the past, you do not worry about the future, you just live in the now.

You must always seek out your own truth, and if you accept other peoples version of the truth you will grow increasingly confused and dazed. The only truth for you in the world is what you yourself find. Do not accept anything else. This is also the the way  to independence and free will, to higher levels of consciousness.

Nobody can give a free person the truth because there is no such thing. To become a free person, a happy person you must live by your own facts or truth. It is exactly the same with all knowledge – it must be all of your own making. The news in the media, the science, what people say, what you learn at school are not your truth, your knowledge -you do not have to learn it or heed it.

To learn the truth you must work hard, and you can only do the work yourself, although you may seek references among others. The present way is wrong: we have all been told, we have accepted what we were told, and we end up being locked in and dare nothing, meekly following along.

Authority must always be questioned: who are these people, what do they really know, what are their interests, where is their documentation, what are they aiming to achieve, why should we accept what they say. Always be the one who knows or say that you don’t.

To be happy the only aim you will ever have is to follow your own mind, live your own truth. If we keep listening to authorities of all sorts we will never be happy – which is the only aim. This is all really about thinking independently. This we must all do – each one of us – so that the common good is achieved. All illusions are created by others, we believe many things, we do not use logic, we feel, we hope we pray.

There is hard work ahead for you. Remember you work for your own good, your own happiness. Surely that is what we all want? Being your own true person could be very satisfactory.

Or maybe there is one basic truth: The notion of essence or oneness – it all comes back to One?

The food chains and webs – the ecological system around us

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Humans eat many things, there is diversity around the world, and diversity could even be much bigger. Some foods are considered basic – grains, meat – although nobody seems to know why. The reasons are probably historic, geographic, economic, social. It would be wise to think anew – the human food systems are not sustainable, health-wise non-optimized or unconsciously arrived at, even unhealthy. A big change must come, and we should start thinking about improvements now.

All organisms are naturally involved in food chains where the food is found naturally, it is produced as part of the system. Plants grow and are naturally harvested and nourished, organisms eat and get eaten, and humans may live off the abundance offered to them. If we combine food chains to see where organisms are found, and see the combinations and interactions, we have a food web. So everything is originally part of an ecosystem where organisms live off each other and support each other. Natural ecosystems provide food for all participating organisms functioning together.

Humans were once part of these systems too, finding food via growths, fisheries, hunting. This still goes on, but the extent of harvesting from nature’s  food chains is being reduced. Some say it will soon be reduced to near nothing.

The human food chain is becoming very special, and is largely made up by growing plants and breeding animals solely for human consumption. These plants and animals, including seafood are grown artificially by means of oilbased fertilizer, chemicals, large petrol based machines, masses of water and manpower.

We disrupt everything: large scale isolated breeding of animals, fish, plants, mining/quarrying, fuel use, artificial ecosystems, building cities, spreading chemicals, altering water lanes/rivers, transporting things all over the world, back and forth.

The ecosystems are taken away, food production is becoming fully industrialized. This is clearly not sustainable.

The alternative is harvesting natural ecosystems, nurturing them, supporting them, changing our ways of food production into natural ones. The recent emergence of permaculture, eco foods, small scale farming, city farming are showing the way.

This has to be combined with a better understanding of how foods  work in our bodies, how a sound diet really is put together. Many variations are possible, but the knowledge is not yet there. We must find what we really need to include in a good diet: It seems everything works, meat or no meat, vegetarian, fruitarians etc. and all seem to live well.

Food is all about energy and how fast it burns in our bodies and how much energy you consume via the activities you engage in. If you consume more energy equivalents than you need in a given space of time, long term your health will be affected. And all the rest – vitamins, minerals, trace substances – must be there too.

It is time to start putting human food into context of ecology again – get it into the food webs, make it natural. As usual it starts with each one of us – it comes from the individuals – do a little of your own food production – it will be a start and a help for you and all.

The ecological system is there – let us harvest.

The lacking originality of our minds

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

The huge questions concerning why we are here do not get much attention. We  do not take an interest in how the cosmos is influenced by what we do and how we fit into the larger picture. The obvious oneness of everything is not a theme anymore. We are no longer trying to progress into areas of possible higher consciousness.

Metaphysics is not a popular pastime. Our thinking in this area has stalled.  We all think inside boxes that are made for us, or that we make ourselves. It is all about irrelevant matters, we prefer attending to our day to day businesses so that we may live comfortably. That is all.

The thoughts and themes circulating in the vicinity of anybody is a set of limited views,  displaying limited knowledge, things that we have heard or learnt from somebody else. Once we have acquired knowledge we use it again and again, and we jump at matters coming up, turning it around for useless purposes like making more money, small talk, jokes or jibes.

Workwise we are all engineers, tinkering, making things, moving things, servicing things, making money for more things. The use of the cosmos in a wide sense is not what we do, utilizing the abundance offered to us.

The older we get the more clearly this can be seen. Fresh, original thinking is nowhere present because we can not find the energy for original thinking, and other people do not like the challenges of original thinking if you want to share it with them. Be mindless, be comfortable, do not disturb yourself or anybody else.

This situation is rather amazing. Of course our thinking should always be fresh and original. What we say or write should always be original, never heard or read before. What we have in our minds should not be endless ruminations, repetitions or endless variations on the same content or ideas.

The way we live now we do not use our minds at all. What we have in our minds should be truly original, created by ourselves. That is the challenge. If you do not do this you must strive to get near this situation. What you have in your mind must never be unsubstantiated content that you have picked up somewhere, content that has been created by others and that has not been verified by you. The media and their proclaimed need for news and information is a big lie – you can completely do without it.

The basis for it all is working to understand yourself, how you function, what you do. Then you must see how your relation to others is and how you fit into the big picture. This work can create the basis for true independence, higher levels of being.

The noise from others is irrelevant and should never be listened to ever. You must make your own world where you live in the now, where you are near yourself.  Your relations to others are made on terms you decide, there can be no influencing taking place. There is nothing really to worry about, nothing to fear – you can do without everything.

The development of your thinking is entirely your own business, you are under just one obligation and that is to be happy. So think and do what makes you happy. It is not easy at all , the forces you meet are strong so you will have to put up a big fight.

It is about waking up , seeking higher levels of consciousness, becoming one. The aim really is stillness so you can see your essence, find your personality, balance it all, finding the absolute truth – what that is for you and nobody else.

Quote: ” Being prepared to receive what thought is not prepared to think is what deserves the name of thinking”. (Jean-Francois Lyotard)

The cells are coming – fuel cells

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Fuel cells are moving into our lives for real now.

There are said to be more than 2500 installations in the world, and all the car manufacturers are working on fuel cells. Apple Inc. is building a large datacenter using adaptions of fuel cells as part of the energy/power systems. There are projects in many parts of the world were fuel cells are being tried – NASA spaceships have had them, buses and cars, boats have them, data centers have them – the uses are many and the techniques used are many.

If we see them as an energy conversion device the theoretical efficiency is high – the energy to wheel ratio – up in the 80s or 90s percentages. The practical numbers are lower, but much higher – double or triple – that of petrol and diesel engines.

So what is the state of the art now?

Fuel cells were invented by Welshman William Grove in 1839,  but high cost and practical issues like heat transfer, high cost of materials, reliability have been hampering their spread.

There are many techniques: proton exchange membranes (PEMs), phosphoric acid fuel cells (PAFCs), molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFCs), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs).

It seems that solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) hold the greatest potential of any fuel cell technology. With low cost ceramic materials, and extremely high electrical efficiencies, SOFCs can deliver attractive economics without relying on CHP. But SOFCs operate at extremely high temperature (typically above 800°C), giving them extremely high electrical efficiencies and fuel flexibility, and creating engineering challenges.

The challenges are being solved now, and fuel cells are finally becoming clean, reliable, and most importantly, affordable.

  • A fuel cell is like a battery that always runs. It has three parts: an electrolyte, an anode, a cathode. For a solid oxide fuel cell, the electrolyte is a solid ceramic material. The anode and cathode are made from special inks that coat the electrolyte. No precious metals, corrosive acids, or molten materials are required.
  • An electrochemical reaction converts fuel and air into electricity without combustion. A solid oxide fuel cell is a high temperature fuel cell. At high temperature, warmed air enters the cathode side of the fuel cell and steam mixes with fuel to produce reformed fuel which enters on the anode side.
  • So the chemical reaction begins in the fuel cell. As the fuel crosses the anode, it attracts oxygen ions from the cathode. The oxygen ions combine with the reformed fuel to produce electricity, water, and small amounts of carbon dioxide. The water gets recycled to produce the steam needed to reform the fuel. The process also generates the heat required by the fuel cell.
  • As long as there’s fuel, air, and heat, the process continues producing clean, reliable, affordable energy.

The fuel used is most often hydrogen. The cost of producing hydrogen is still high.

To sum up, there are many uses for fuel cells

  • Automakers, buses, boats, trains, planes, scooters, forklifts, even bicycles.
  • Vending machines, vacuum cleaners and highway road signs.
  • Miniature fuel cells for cellular phones, laptop computers and portable electronics
  • Hospitals, credit card centers, police stations, banks
  • Wastewater treatment plants and landfills are using fuel cells to convert the methane gas they produce into electricity.
  • Telecommunications companies are installing fuel cells at cell phone, radio and 911 towers.
  • Auxiliary power
  • Supplemental power and backup assurance for critical areas, grid-independent generator for on-site service in areas that are inaccessible by power lines.

Fuel cells operate silently, they reduce noise pollution as well as air pollution and when the fuel cell is sited near the point of use, its waste heat can be captured for beneficial purposes.

Cogeneration building systems could reduce facility energy service costs by 20% – 40%.

So we are moving forward – it will be exciting to see promises fulfilled. Hardly any emissions, a bit of gas and a little water perhaps, quiet, reliable, efficient, cheap – we are not quite there yet but are moving forward.

Naturally knowing yourself

Monday, January 30th, 2012

The mind has natural functions or processes where many things interact, where the messages we get are coordinated: The sounds, the sights, the smells, the heat or cold, the words we understand or not and interpret, the physical challenges, the hunger we may feel, the laughter – it is all hugely complex. This machine of ours seems to be in constant activity, the energy spent is huge. But sometimes we are in need of relaxation, a soothing voice, a bit of meditation? The machine has to slow down.

Why do we have to relax, withdraw – kind of stop the machine from time to time. A change of environment often lets us continue, a bit of encouragement makes us go on. It is often all in your mind.

There are thoughts too that pulls us one way or the other, we react in many ways depending upon what we think the message means.

Taste is smell they say. Aromatic molecules from your mouth enters your nose, and then your brain gets a message – depending upon who you are, what your experiences are, your personality, what you have eaten before. Food is good or bad, depending on the machine inside you. Unbelievable things may be eaten if your machine accepts it.

We are all different – within strict limits – and the interpretation of what goes on is all your own, you are a special kind of human. You do your own thing, you see, smell things, hear and so on in your own way.

There is work to do here – on your self: you are the only one who can deeply see what is going on, understand it and live with it. You should try to find out who you are and how you function, how your machinery works. If you need to change is another matter – it is not necessarily so – you may well be able to live fine as you do – with a little understanding from yourself.

But the more you are willing to work the more conscious you may become. You can understand this apparatus of yours in fantastic ways, you can raise your consciousness many levels. You may see the possibilities of  wholeness and integration, be more active, more thoughtful, maybe a more balanced person, you may be able to use your senses and your intellect in awesome ways. You may understand why you do things, how you do them, why you go for certain things and suppress others, why you are nervous, what your dreams are about, why you lie or resist, when you are comfortable, when aggression rises.

The question of suffering enters into it, understanding and accepting suffering in its many forms is possible when you know yourself. You should see to it that you interact well with people, that the social part of life is understood to.

The forces in you and the power of your mind may increasingly surprise you, and you may think of good ways to utilize this power. The possibilities of humans are not fully understood now, as we live in many ways that takes away the power to do the possible.

The challenge of knowing yourself is a light one, but the work may be hard! Rich rewards may come your way if you persevere.

Evolving ourselves – ordinary men and women – into true philosophers

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Living is often easy and often it is not easy at all – you have a crisis, mental, physical, economic, you are about to die, or some of many other possible difficulties.

There are conflicts, catastrophies – all sorts of things to be concerned with.

So you need a mindset to get you through life – you preferably should have a conscious or controlled approach to whatever happens, because one day – sooner or later – your fortunes will change. It is also certain that one day you will surely die.

The diversity of solutions to this is complex and multifaceted: Religions of many kinds, spiritualism, the thinking of gurus, self-evolved solutions. Many depressed people get medicines to take them through daily life.

There also seems to be differences between parts of the world – between East and West. Both places have great philosophers – men thinking grand thoughts about living a life, being part of society, being ethical humans. Political and economic thought are also part of the philosophy of the world. Often these are fully or partly integrated, i.e. Muslim thinking.

Thinking about the way we live seems to be more widespread and common – infused – in Eastern societies than in the West. In general people in the East are more concerned, more conscious about their way of life – the happenings, the the past, the future, history, what has been and what will come is shown respect. The Chinese even have the book of changes I Ching. The level of ethics is generally high. They know their philosphers: Tao, Buddha, Zen masters, gurus like Sri Aurobindo, the impact of philosophy is high.

In the West philosophy has been a largely intellectual activity – an endeavour without much practical consequence – you take a course at university and then you forget it. Philosophy is for the philosophers, not for ordinary people. It is an intellectual game with models and sophisticated constructs, it is highbrow and fanciful. This lack of a philosophical basis means Western society has lost its ethics, its morals, its purpose – we are now consumers chasing the golden prize.

This ought to be changed – and luckily there are new approaches that could prove to be significant. The fusion of Eastern and Western thought could be a viable way forward, and many people have written and spoken about that – for example Gurdjieff and Naess.

The consciousness about what we are here for ought to be elevated, thinking about our personal roles and aims, our role in the great cosmos, our treatment of ourselves and the Earth. We need a philosophy of the world for the ordinary woman and man – a way of thinking that can lead to understanding the self, to self-realization and sustainability.

The thinking of the East and the West should be taken as a whole – to develop a new set of whole ideas for mankind. The aim should be to have everybody be conscious about life and cosmos – to be true philosophers.

We need to find truth in all matters whatever it is, we need to eradicate violence in all forms, we must stop violating the world we live in, the world must become one of dialogue among all, economic greed is unsustainable. The social and economic stratification of people we see today is unsustainable – the basis is sound equality among all men.

Diversity is a central point, we must search for possible practicable solutions in all local habitats, to realize the possibilities where they can be found. Man is not supreme, he is part of a larger ecosystem and must find his natural place there. Diversity must not be reduced by monocrops, stripmining, spreading chemicals, outhunting species or similar.

We must agree on a sustainable population on the Earth through dialogue. The answer to that question is completely unknown today. At present rates of  of population growth there will be about 14 million people on the Earth in about 70 years time. That could be sustainable or it may not – we must find out before we get there.

Establishing the interconnection of everything is a great goal for humanity – to make a good foundation for material life and wellbeing of everything living. The aim must be to engage all people in this endeavour so that we all can contribute our part, be active in our own lives, build society, make cosmos sustainable.

Be concerned with building consensus based on fact, be cooperative in all matters, remove antagonism, develop love among all.

The world is large, it is well built, it can serve us well if we let it, all people must be made thinkers so they can see the reality of what we are doing, so that we can get nearer to a sustainability of everything.

First we must all become philosophers – and empiricalists relating to reality. Hands on – that is the way. You and me and all.

Eternal – or at least long – life

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

We shall all die.

This has been said to happen in the long run for most us – after a long life. Breaking this cycle has been a dream for humans ever – how to cheat the bearer of death.

Knowledge is advancing, we do research, things are falling into place – we have started to see some of the factors influencing the time of death. By living well and caring for your body we usually stay alive longer. Some people have worn out parts replaced – hip joints, hearts, diverse organs.

It also seems that once you have reproduced – i.e. after a certain age – a deterioration sets in, the body has done its work – or is supposed to – you now have children – you may die. A fine system that is as life goes on but you die – you are not of any use any more.

If true these are harsh messages to have – you may very likely refuse to accept such a story – but research goes on and what will we know next?

So therefore if we want to find life lengthening approaches we must prolong life by renewing the parts of our body that fails – go into a cycle of replacement so to speak. Some people are building theories – Aubrey de Grey examplewise – his SENS or Strategies for engineered negligible senescence consisting of seven factors – it is also a system. Anti-aging can thus be handled systematically, you will be serviced when need be.

Anti oxidants seem to be important – removing free radicals by having enough antioxidants. The life of cells, changes, oxidization, breakdowns, vitamins: New technologies are needed. Stem cells for making new parts is one, but it could lead lead to illnesses also  - there are at the moment many things to consider and find out. de Grey – keep it up – interesting stuff. de Grey was born in 1963 – so he is still a fairly young one.

But the return of another methods is still with us – eat less or as little as you can, get near the point of starvation and you be here for a long time. Not a comfortable life that! Would you be willing to do that if you stay on another tens of years? Maybe you could hypnotise the body to think it is starving?

It seems nobody clearly understands the processes, many substances are involved, much knowledge is lacking.

So do not be silly but wise, and do as best you can – life can be very rich in many ways – even if you were not allotted so much time here. Average life lengths are getting longer all the time, so something is working.