About themes I write about

I have chosen a few themes that I will write about. My aim is to find knowledge so that I can understand the themes and see possibilities. There is a factual part of these themes, and I will try to find facts. My writing is also about finding order in my mind concerning these themes, being part of the never-ending process of learning, attempting to understand and to realize that what we see differently does not have to put us into different camps.

In addition to facts there is opinion where I will voice suggestions, concerns etc.

I have set myself a challenge: In order to write sensibly about these themes I have to follow up continously on developments. My aim is to have a sound knowledge of each theme without too much detail. I also intend to be detached and try to understand the important processes involved.

There appears to be convergence among themes, and I hope to show you this.

Themes are given in the category list.

My sources of information are the open press, media, textbooks and I try to distill or find the essence of the themes. I try to be clear on pointing to references.