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Free will is best – and possible

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Men have great capacity for thinking and doing – but increasingly it seems we do less and less of that. The general picture is obviously one of passive and conforming behaviour, absence of new thinking, passing by or just being supersettled, like put into concrete.

Men are becoming machines, mechanical men, working hard to get by, but with no time or energy for exceptional maneuvres – mental or practical. Why is this happening? Are we being led into this, why have we lost our independence?

So practice observed is clear for all to see – we are increasingly becoming limited beings – we box ourselves in.

What we eat is controlled by big corporations, media are enormously concentrated and full of silly entertainment, spin and agendas and found everywhere, work takes most of our time, consumption takes the rest of it. And the story goes on – all we seem to want is more of the same.

We put limits on ourselves, and others are trying to put limits on us, practicalities limit us – we are framed or we live in boxes – little ones.

When you are born your head is empty except for an essence of pure emotion, instincts. You will never fully experience this essence, because your personality will be built rapidly from impressions of many kinds. Personality is built as you go along, gradually and almost imperceptibly. You learn what is right, what you should do, concepts of goodness, badness and the rest of it. Gradually you are formed and become what you are.

Few people are conscious about what is happening to them and how they are formed. You have to work on yourself continuously to to see this, and work very hard to have an effect on what is happening.

All your emotion, logic, movement, instincts, learning can drive you in many directions, let you develop into a fully free person, and independent too. You will see that you are not one person, but many – you are not a constant being. If you do not work on seeing who you are your life will be troublesome and full of unconscious behaviour.

Gradually we all adapt to this complexity by conforming to all the strong forces around us, we slip into conformity and comfort zones. You are no longer unique, you are moving into the box, you do what everybody else does. The forces around shape you, and you let them!

Instead of leading a conscious life you become a mechanical man. You become lazy, cowardly, soft thinking, stale and you just get by. Your thinking, doing, eating, making a living is standardized, you hardly live and there is visible boredom.

You are a routine human being living a routine life, you are slowly dying and you do not care. Your life’s aims are lost, your free will is being eroded. You are one of the masses, driven by herd instincts, unable to take part in rational discourse.

It is nice to know that this can be changed fundamentally if you se the danger and care to take action.

Getting out of the box requires aims, work on yourself and will. It is not easy, but an exciting, conscious life is possible.

Start the work now, start to try to understand yourself and see who you are. Encourage others to do the same and all will go forward. Your imagination is the limit! Do not conform, develop your free will, raise your consciousness.

Go get, now. You can be unique!