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Who are you?

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Do you know who you are? Do you the workings of your own machinery: Your body functions or physiology? Do you know how your behaviour originates? Who are the rulers of your mind – as there must be many?

Humans are complex beings. We do not know what gives us the spark of life, the fire, the element that starts it all. We take it for granted that some time during conception life arises, there is a factor that brings us to life, that starts it all. The creation of the Frankenstein monster was made possible because its creator knew how to ignite life.

This has barely any relevance for humans or other creatures on Earth, but obviously some force or power enters the stage so that life starts.

Then a predetermined pattern evolves as we grow into humans. We all go through the same phases with extremely similar patterns of behaviour, we fix our gaze, we move consciously, we walk, we talk, we become obstinate and our independence grows steadily.

All the way grownups – usually parents – are there to guide us, help us feed us. We go to schools, universities etc., and our minds are little by little filled up – often to overflowing.

Gradually what we are born with recedes, and we develop a personality through what we experience, hear, see and learn. First we are children, then we become adolescents, youths and adults.

We become grownups and can then do what we want – we are in principle fully independent. So your life is going full steam? In some ways yes, but most of us end up in square boxes, tied up in rigid conventions, bound by societal mores, taking part as greedy consumers of all the brands, and we follow blindly the majority – until we have forgotten why we are here and who we are. Being obstinate is no longer a proper description of us – we follow all leads blindly, believe all, say nothing.

For most of us it seems that the level of consciousness is low, so low that it seems we are asleep in our doings, automatically responding to all that happens.

Have you ever assessed your situation, who you are, what you have become, what you do, what you use as the basis for your life?

The forces in a modern society are huge. The consumer pressure is constant, buying goods is a necessity, the social pressure is ubiquitous and often unavoidable, there is an enormous amount of information that you feel you must assimilate, sort out, contribute to with your opnion. Your own dreams and uncertainties are often a player in the mixture that is your personality.

In sum the workings of your mind are often boggling, there often seems to be several brains working in there at the same time. The result is confusion or total lack of coordination. It is easy to see that many people often must have calming potions to feed on.

In the end to survive you must play along with it all – letting yourself flow in the stream of society, just being there reacting to everything that happens. You identify with everything that happens in the world, you opinionate wildly, you share your views with anybody, you follow nothing in reality, it is all happening in your mind, you do nothing. All you have is a job that saps you dry.

You have lost track of  why you are here, what your aims are, why you do things. You need not be here, you are just biomass.

So you must act. It is easy to say that your aims must be found, your mind must be observed in some way so you know about yourself, you must eat well, rest sufficiently, keep your body fit.

When that is done,  the rest is really about stopping up for a bit each and every day and look at yourself, gradually taking charge so that your inner self can grow, you can become what you have decided for yourself.  A whole person maybe?

Remember it is hard. It can surely be very satisfactory to have success in this field – becoming your own man!

What did you say your aims are?

How energetic are you?

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Tiredness and lack of activity is a common state – both of mind and body. There are many songs about tiredness, it has been written about in books and magazines, people go to the doctors because they are tired. Are you a slouching couch potato or a you a blazing, active doer of things with body and mind energized for action at all times? You feel like doing nothing – just passing time? It varies a lot, you say – you are not stable or consistent?

When you get tired you have a little nap or rest or you meditate or you take a cold shower, but strangely enough the mechanisms involved are not fully understood. The effects are however well known and these techniques are used by all.

What is it that make such great variety possible? What is tiredness about?

Our consciousness about these matters should be considered – you know: maybe we can raise it to a higher level so you know what is going on, so you know what you do, so you know why you do things or why not, so you can fix it, so you can have it the way you really want it.

The effort we put into the world is a great variable – sometimes we act up and sometimes we are just lazing around. Some people are constantly active, others are always passive. Increased consciousness about the whys of these matters could help you achieve what you desire, find the best level of mental and physical activity for yourself.

If you manage to be more active, amazing things could happen – most things can be done. It seems you can control the level of activity to a large degree if you want to. You must just learn how to. You must know the “handles” to turn or use – what factors it is that matter.

Your brain and your body are turned on from the moment you are born – some say even before that in your mother’s womb – and it never stops till you die. At night it turns itself down, but the processes are all there. The paradox is that often the brain will not help us do what we ought to do, there is some kind of resistance involved. We all experience tiredness, lack of concentration, staleness, boredom, drowsiness, could not care attitude, lack of interest, unwillingness, wretchedness – many things are there to stop us from doing things – if we let them.

It is both about physical things and mental states of mind – it is complex, we must have knowledge to understand it and to be able to change it.

Some people are ill to some extent, and many illnesses are great drags on what you can do, what you manage to do. Examples are diabetes, thyroid problems, depressions, heart problems, sleep disorders – the list is long. Some illnesses are chronic and are hard to tackle.

For others the work of getting things done is also about a lot of things: your level of consciousness, inspiration, clearness of mind, physical tiredness, food, blood sugar levels, your aims and intentions.

The main factor is possibly what drives you, what are your aims, are you able to do what you love to do. If you are able to achieve having clear aims and also being able to work towards it the energy will surely get a boost. This is probably the main driving force in our lives. Get a grip on your aims and the juices will flow!

Food is involved too as it may make you drowsy or attentive. The level of blood sugar, the water you drink, coffee or other drinks may have an effect to some extent. Eat so that your metabolism can work in a stable manner.

The fitness of your body counts and if you do not easily get physically tired you are better off and a good fit body can stay alert for longer. A bit of daily exercise, using your body every day is what does it, juggling balls, walking, biking, dancing …. Or play some music, sing a song.

Mental activity can be stimulated by uncluttering your mind, getting rid of irritation and nuisances, tackling worries, being good to others. Understanding yourself, seeing how your mind works, how your upbringing, codes, habits or instincts play with you is of great importance. There are numerous energy thieves involved – and you can learn to control them all.

The little things matter to:  splash some water in your face, have a drink, eat an apple, swing your arms or bend your knees for some minutes, watch the birds or girls, change your clothes, be angry and shout, share some jokes with people.

Habits of cozyness are habits of laziness, they become habits of emptiness, you become an observer, a passive bystander. Your life is passing you by.

So the task is to energize yourself and push yourself into conscious work. It is so easy to say. Give it a try – push yourself into it. Now – this second: Search for meaning, develop aims, enthuse, inspire, find what leads you on: Search and go!

Remember living is about doing – being energetic is a great way to live. Set out your wishes, enable yourself to do it, then do it!