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Do we need cosmopolitan man

Monday, April 15th, 2013

We all struggle with our identity, the understanding of self and our relations to others. Modern culture is massive in that it puts pressure on us in many ways. Popular culture is also one where our jobs steal away our precious time, of consumerism, manipulation, lobbying and commercial interests and we are being chased in all directions at the same time. So matters are not so easy and you have to be determined to find yourself and make your life satisfying. It just is not good enough to sail along on events created for you by others. You must find your own pace in your own time.

We all need to think and act as we ourselves find out, find our own grounding, choose our environment where we may thrive. The globality that is insisted upon for all is not a sound one as our major concerns are local, and most global concerns are mostly made up out of thin air and aimed at confusing us.

At the same time there is the ecology and cosmology of it all. We are beings in a great system that is interconnected, evolving and not fully understood. Maybe we are all software in a big game and we do not know. There is therefore natural pressure within all of us to seek understanding and try to support the environment in all its diversity.

So do we need to know what everybody else is doing or thinking? Or to take part in discussing the many questions and matters that are possible to think about, to engage in and decide upon. The question of our group intelligence also enters into it. We must also find what decisions we really are capable of as a cosmopolitan group,  what really is our collective intelligence and upon whose authority we really are acting.. The next question is if we really can and should decide what everybody else should do, or if we rather should try to enlighten each other so that a good common understanding is achieved.

The many worlds of business, intellectuals, investors, politicians and others are putting up numerous issues for us to consider and babble about, but none of that is needed.

In a world of deeply ecological people this should not be necessary. Everything we do should be based upon acceptance of all other people, creatures and the environment itself. In all we do we accept the right of everybody else to realise themselves. The consequence of this is that great and deep changes involving all should be avoided because something or somebody might get hurt.

The matters concerning the global community should therefore be focused on understanding and improving our environment, understanding all creatures and aim to raise the consciousness of all. Most global issues like monetary issues, wars, illness, povert and others we are busy with today would then simply fade away and be replaced by issues of higher relevance.

Another main issue is that the thinking and talking should be reduced and replaced by people doing things like helping, creating and seeking. Prestigious projects and high winded thinking are all inside our heads only as a spin of no use.

Cosmopolitan man is the deeply ecological man and a person working on himself, helping others and the environment. That is all we ever need from all of us. Work on yourself, help others near you, be considerate towards the environment and we will all be doing fine.