About me

This is Einar Eldøy’s blog. I will be writing about a number of themes of interest to me. The themes will shape our near future and are shown in the categories listed. I use the blog as a kind of notebook for myself also. I hope that you will find some of my writings interesting!

I am optimistic about the future of humanity – our understanding of all matters will improve continually, and we are still at a very early stage of knowledge of all things. We have problems, we will see disasters, but we will pull through to an always better situation.

The commercial pressures, industrialization and concentration of everything is not good for humanity, and it will eventually have to be scaled down enormously.

I try to learn and practice the Work as conceptualized by Gurdjieff.

My education is from England (University of Leeds) and Norway (BI). My work space has been within electromechanical industry, insurance, SHE, risk management, innovation management.

I do juggling with 3 balls, and is practizing hard to manage juggling 5 balls. (Puh – it is hard!).

I live in Oslo and Jeløy, Norway with my wife Ingrid. We have one daughter and two sons, boys p.t. living in Oslo and Bangkok, daughter i Amsterdam. Photography is part of what I do, and I have started to learn some Chinese.

This blog was started June 2008.