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Do we need cosmopolitan man

Monday, April 15th, 2013

We all struggle with our identity, the understanding of self and our relations to others. Modern culture is massive in that it puts pressure on us in many ways. Popular culture is also one where our jobs steal away our precious time, of consumerism, manipulation, lobbying and commercial interests and we are being chased in all directions at the same time. So matters are not so easy and you have to be determined to find yourself and make your life satisfying. It just is not good enough to sail along on events created for you by others. You must find your own pace in your own time.

We all need to think and act as we ourselves find out, find our own grounding, choose our environment where we may thrive. The globality that is insisted upon for all is not a sound one as our major concerns are local, and most global concerns are mostly made up out of thin air and aimed at confusing us.

At the same time there is the ecology and cosmology of it all. We are beings in a great system that is interconnected, evolving and not fully understood. Maybe we are all software in a big game and we do not know. There is therefore natural pressure within all of us to seek understanding and try to support the environment in all its diversity.

So do we need to know what everybody else is doing or thinking? Or to take part in discussing the many questions and matters that are possible to think about, to engage in and decide upon. The question of our group intelligence also enters into it. We must also find what decisions we really are capable of as a cosmopolitan group,  what really is our collective intelligence and upon whose authority we really are acting.. The next question is if we really can and should decide what everybody else should do, or if we rather should try to enlighten each other so that a good common understanding is achieved.

The many worlds of business, intellectuals, investors, politicians and others are putting up numerous issues for us to consider and babble about, but none of that is needed.

In a world of deeply ecological people this should not be necessary. Everything we do should be based upon acceptance of all other people, creatures and the environment itself. In all we do we accept the right of everybody else to realise themselves. The consequence of this is that great and deep changes involving all should be avoided because something or somebody might get hurt.

The matters concerning the global community should therefore be focused on understanding and improving our environment, understanding all creatures and aim to raise the consciousness of all. Most global issues like monetary issues, wars, illness, povert and others we are busy with today would then simply fade away and be replaced by issues of higher relevance.

Another main issue is that the thinking and talking should be reduced and replaced by people doing things like helping, creating and seeking. Prestigious projects and high winded thinking are all inside our heads only as a spin of no use.

Cosmopolitan man is the deeply ecological man and a person working on himself, helping others and the environment. That is all we ever need from all of us. Work on yourself, help others near you, be considerate towards the environment and we will all be doing fine.

Cancer and the unbelievable confusion over body mechanisms

Monday, January 21st, 2013

We are all looking for the truth, also in the field of health and what food to eat to have an optimal health. But there is no consensus to find in this area, no agreement. This clearly indicates a deep lack of real knowledge.

Let us look into the connection between cancer and lifestyle including food, stress, exercise.

The German physicist Virchow stipulated that all new cells are made by the existing cells. So in the case of cancer the cancerous cells come from cell division of existing cells. This basic premise is possibly wrong according  to a paper published in 1976 by the Japanese doctor K. Morishita The Hidden Truth of Cancer .

We do not know the cause of cancer. It is now defined as a a sudden change in cell structure with a change in DNA following thereupon. The whole world including the cancer industry and modern medicine will benefit if we find and can pinpoint the cause of cancer.

This will also learn us to live healthy and happy lives as these things are probably connected. Morishita’s hypothesis is that unhealthy living causes cancers.

Cancer is now officially described as malignant cells that suddenly mutate from normal cells, leading to invasive growth and metastasis.

The major question today is: Why have these cells formed at all? There is no answer to that because the present cancer theories are wrong. Modern medicine will never find the answer. Cancer can not be sudden – out of the blue – it must have a cause.

At present the care of cancer is surgery, chemicals, radiation. Officially we believe that cancer is incurable and deadly for the patient, but that the patient can be kept alive for a time with medication.

Morishita hypothesises that cancer is linked to the food quality and quantity, and he has confirmed that via experiments of many kinds. Longevity, character and cause of disease is linked to diet. Food is life. Cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, and all chronic illnesses depend on diet.

The basic principle must be found, and then it can be applied to all other diseases.

Animal and man receive their nutrition through the intestines, plants via their roots. Modern physiology says that the intestine does digestion and absorption of foods. This is wrong.

The villus of the intestine is like a n amoeba. Here physiological production of blood takes place. The food is transformed into red blood cells by the villus. These cells then turn into body cells. The red blood cells gather and form organs and tissues. Therefore our body is about transformation of food.  Food is life. The red blood cell is the fundamental material of our body. Food is digested and transforms itself into a red blood cell and then becomes a body cell. Body cells may reverse into red blood cells under conditions where normal production of red blood cells stops because there must always be enough blood cells in the body to transport necessary oxygen to the organs of the body. The result of this reversal is a loss of weight, and if it continues you will die.

Cancerous growth starts because the body is acidic. The cancer cell is a body cell which has been transformed from a red blood cell. A red blood cell attaches to a a cancer cell and transforms into a cancer cell. The cancer growth is stronger than that of normal cells, and will dominate.

Cures for cancer are found in China, India etc. in the form of plants and herbs that rebalances the body fluids. The basic premise of a cancer cure should be to attempt to restore our natural healing power so that cancer cells become red blood cells. This means restoring the natural alkaline acid balance of the body. To do this cancer therapy should be changed into dietic, mental and physical therapy. Cancer is caused by malfunctioning of body cells due to adverse living conditions that leads to acidic body fluids.

As a preventive measure one should live near nature, avoid commercial food, eat organically grown food, avoid syntethic chemicals, keep fit, avoid mental stress.

Our diet must be slightly alkaline. The main factor in keeping a body healthy is keeping a proper alkalie acid balance in the body. Your body is naturally slightly alkaline, and your diet should aim at keeping it so. It is important to check your food for acidity, and a good balance is achieved by eating 70-80 % alkaline food.

A good long term balanced diet is what is required, and this is maybe best achieved through juicing of greens as a mainstay of your diet. Extremes of eating should be avoided.

An important part of this regimen is to have enough water in your body. When we are born we are 90% water, when we die we are 50% water. Water intake should be 2-4 liters per day of ionized alkaline and hard water.

Salt is in there too, with many tasks, the most important one is to be basis for a good acid in your stomach. Salt should be unrefined pure sea or mineral salt.

Exercise frequently and lightly with a varied program. Extremes are not healthy.

These are all taken from literature, but think for yourself about what is right.

There is a big controversy coming regarding cancer, and maybe we will have a revolution soon.

May be the situation is more complex that shown here. but so far this all seems to go well together: acid alkaline balance, water, salt, exercise, mental control.

More details will be found and presented. Follow this space, and do some thinking for yourself.

Spiritual enlightenment: A tiny weeny thought about why you are here on Earth

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

It is not wise just messing about on Earth, you may seriously damage both yourself and others, and the Earth itself to boot.

Today materialism is rampant, the world of technicalities is all we have, we are losing ourselves. It is time to start the work to see ourselves.

So please start some work on yourself and try to understand who you are and what you do on the Earth. You should also think a bit about how to transcend as a human being, so as to have a life that is a good as possible, and what your role could be if you put your mind and abilities into it. You are the only one who can do this, but support can be found everywhere.

When we are born we know nothing, and gradually your personality is built. You have a body, intellect, emotion, instincts. Things soon start to fall into place for you and you function in all practical ways.

The big challenge is to find why you are busying yourself in all manners and ways,  why you are here? What is the purpose of human life? What is the nature of reality?

Religion as it is practiced today does not give you an answer. We must search to find the best of mans teachings, the teaching before religion, the original myths,  what we found to be right then, and turn that into teaching that is valid today. There surely are basic truths to be found that we can build on, that earlier generations have found.

We are searching for man’s connection to a higher level of creation, to look for how we can attain a harmonious development of man. We wish to build man’s collective memory, to develop thinking that can be the basis for future development. This could be the best cumulative understanding of the human condition both individually and collectively.

We must find the issues that are continuous and universal, the issues that we can build our civilisation upon. At the moment these truths seem to have been forgotten.

Humans are part of the ecosystems, but believe they can exist by themselves. This is not true as the interconnectedness must be universal, and we must strive to understand these links. The questions of body and soul are central.

The soul side of our existence is not accepted, it is tension filled as it is not scientific (today). Understanding can only be achieved through effort. The objective of it all is to find our role in the cosmos and establish a dialog with what is above us spiritually. The challenge is to achieve a higher and more profond human experience.

Einstein has been quoted as saying: “There is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man. There is a conscience”

This hierachy is hidden from us today, but will allow us to be part of cosmos and grow in consciousness as part of the cosmos, and in conscious harmony with it.

The knowledge we are thus seeking can not be subject to changes over time and space.

The way to go forward is the 4th way (the others being the way of the fakir, monk, yogi) and that is huge.

It is about searching for the limits of the human mind, to raise man to a higher mind, find objective knowledge of the same kind that governs the universe that we call science. This will be the science of the cosmos and man’s place in cosmos. It is universal and will stay so, there is no right way, no owner, nothing can change it.

People have known it before and practiced it, it comes from over us, and our job now is to find it, work at it so we can understand who we are. It is about microcosm and macrocosm, man and universe, finding and understanding the universal laws that penetrate everything.

We must study both man, nature and the universe as the same laws govern it all. Man must study himself, each one of us must do that, and by doing this he finds the world.

We have never studied ourselves and the lack of knowledge of our self stops us knowing the world. Any knowledge is only valuable if it helps man’s self-knowledge.

Knowledge is about context, about finding that little bit that helps us understand ourselves.

We all want to grow, to become more than we are. Practical work is needed, consciousness over time and this requires constant work.  Here self-remembering is the key – get rid of noise, mechanical life ans work to find your own self. If you can manage self-remembering you can manage to work towards consciousness.

If you can awake your consciousness you can become a real being. There are many ways to do it and you must find your own way. Working towards consciousness is hard, and it is not required, you do it if you want to. Evolution of consciousness is rare, but conscious individuals can do it. It is a chance, it is an untrodden road, it is risky.

But its dimensions are great as it is about man’s place in the universe and understanding yourself. Your reward may be to grow a higher being body, see the endlessness of  the universe and man, get nearer to the purpose of human life.

It is also about neutral, non-egoistic love, your ability to function in a huge cosmos.

Start the hard work, stay at it for long, even if your only reward may be found in the satisfaction of having tried hard.

Our world needs your work on yourself.

Free will is best – and possible

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Men have great capacity for thinking and doing – but increasingly it seems we do less and less of that. The general picture is obviously one of passive and conforming behaviour, absence of new thinking, passing by or just being supersettled, like put into concrete.

Men are becoming machines, mechanical men, working hard to get by, but with no time or energy for exceptional maneuvres – mental or practical. Why is this happening? Are we being led into this, why have we lost our independence?

So practice observed is clear for all to see – we are increasingly becoming limited beings – we box ourselves in.

What we eat is controlled by big corporations, media are enormously concentrated and full of silly entertainment, spin and agendas and found everywhere, work takes most of our time, consumption takes the rest of it. And the story goes on – all we seem to want is more of the same.

We put limits on ourselves, and others are trying to put limits on us, practicalities limit us – we are framed or we live in boxes – little ones.

When you are born your head is empty except for an essence of pure emotion, instincts. You will never fully experience this essence, because your personality will be built rapidly from impressions of many kinds. Personality is built as you go along, gradually and almost imperceptibly. You learn what is right, what you should do, concepts of goodness, badness and the rest of it. Gradually you are formed and become what you are.

Few people are conscious about what is happening to them and how they are formed. You have to work on yourself continuously to to see this, and work very hard to have an effect on what is happening.

All your emotion, logic, movement, instincts, learning can drive you in many directions, let you develop into a fully free person, and independent too. You will see that you are not one person, but many – you are not a constant being. If you do not work on seeing who you are your life will be troublesome and full of unconscious behaviour.

Gradually we all adapt to this complexity by conforming to all the strong forces around us, we slip into conformity and comfort zones. You are no longer unique, you are moving into the box, you do what everybody else does. The forces around shape you, and you let them!

Instead of leading a conscious life you become a mechanical man. You become lazy, cowardly, soft thinking, stale and you just get by. Your thinking, doing, eating, making a living is standardized, you hardly live and there is visible boredom.

You are a routine human being living a routine life, you are slowly dying and you do not care. Your life’s aims are lost, your free will is being eroded. You are one of the masses, driven by herd instincts, unable to take part in rational discourse.

It is nice to know that this can be changed fundamentally if you se the danger and care to take action.

Getting out of the box requires aims, work on yourself and will. It is not easy, but an exciting, conscious life is possible.

Start the work now, start to try to understand yourself and see who you are. Encourage others to do the same and all will go forward. Your imagination is the limit! Do not conform, develop your free will, raise your consciousness.

Go get, now. You can be unique!

The good life and the need for understanding ourselves

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Many people now have reasonably good lives. Medical and material life is good, and life spans are increasing too. This may be due to the benefits of medical science, healthy food, the organization of society with welfare etc. – physical wellbeing is great and improving.

There are problems and crises, but the long term development seems set on a good course.

But life is not fully satisfactory – many people do not see a purposeful end to all the buzz, it is becoming a case of just more of the same, we are not connected to a larger vision, we are just milling about, we are consumers foremost, we enjoy, we are entertained. The purpose and deeply felt contentment is not there.

We feel some sort of unease – there is so much information, so much to know, so little we can do, we are controlled by others far away, information is piling up, and you can not do a thing about it.

The world has opened up through travel – geography is not a hindrance as you can go all over the world, and time and seasons do not matter much. We are no longer connected to a base where we live, work, grow or find food. We are being up-rooted.

And the world is ours, we get everything from other places or unknown spaces, our jobs are enourmously specialized, we have been many places, we move about. Other people are doing the same, goods are flowing in all directions in large quantities. Media are going full blast, we see the whole world, all problems are our problems, there is a global thinking emerging, and it seems to be full of unsolved problems, things going bad.

The result is that we think too much, we are constantly worried by all that is happening, all that we know. The world has become one global place, our world and what is happening to it is a problem. The politics of (now) terrorism is also scary, adding more thinking and practicalities. The environmental questions are building up too, and the combined result is that we live in a mental mess.

We are becoming part of a system that we do not fully understand or know what to do with. It is complex, and we are part of it – in all its intricate workings.

And outer space is not yet fully explored – but we are fully aware that more knowledge is coming. New dimensions are introduced. We are even beginning to have new views of how we ourselves function, mentally, spiritually and physically, how we are built and how we function.

So it is safe to say that our lives have profoundly changed. A new era is coming, we have not fully measured up to it yet. We have not seen enough yet – and our attention is not put into it, we are slightly afraid of that, and we hide it by busying ourselves with work, consumption, entertainment.

But a new world view is dawning – the huge interdependencies we see, the interconnectedness of it all, the need for a new understanding of it all. And going global is not the solution – we need fixed activities in our life, a base, a home, but at the same time we should be able to benefit from other places, other people.

Local is the solution, and what you must first do is inner work so that you understand how you function, how you relate to others, how to find livelihood and that that is your responsibility, and then start the work about  what we do to the world and its systems, building support and evading destruction.

The art of inner work is not new, but must be spread to far more people so that it can have an impact. We must find our preoccupations, see our egobuilding, control our consumption, understand the use of stimulants, building new relations in our local communities, cooperate with others, relate consciously to the wider world, not merely travelling around as tourists.

The large questions of being born, living and dying must also be seen into so that we can develop new understanding in these areas too – essentially finding more about what life is. These questions are important too – giving perspective, understanding the span we have, thinking about what can be done while we are here. The old question of what life really is has not been approached in a wide sense, and we still do not fully understand what life is.

So the work ahead must start – a lot of new areas are opening up, they have been seen, it is about ourselves and our relations to others and the wider world, we must be conscious about what we do – more consumption and entertainment just will not do.

So there is a task out there – it is individual and it is collective and related to the greater cosmos. It could be interesting, even fun to engage in deep work here.

Challenge yourself! A new understanding must be developed – a different world is coming.