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Do we need cosmopolitan man

Monday, April 15th, 2013

We all struggle with our identity, the understanding of self and our relations to others. Modern culture is massive in that it puts pressure on us in many ways. Popular culture is also one where our jobs steal away our precious time, of consumerism, manipulation, lobbying and commercial interests and we are being chased in all directions at the same time. So matters are not so easy and you have to be determined to find yourself and make your life satisfying. It just is not good enough to sail along on events created for you by others. You must find your own pace in your own time.

We all need to think and act as we ourselves find out, find our own grounding, choose our environment where we may thrive. The globality that is insisted upon for all is not a sound one as our major concerns are local, and most global concerns are mostly made up out of thin air and aimed at confusing us.

At the same time there is the ecology and cosmology of it all. We are beings in a great system that is interconnected, evolving and not fully understood. Maybe we are all software in a big game and we do not know. There is therefore natural pressure within all of us to seek understanding and try to support the environment in all its diversity.

So do we need to know what everybody else is doing or thinking? Or to take part in discussing the many questions and matters that are possible to think about, to engage in and decide upon. The question of our group intelligence also enters into it. We must also find what decisions we really are capable of as a cosmopolitan group,  what really is our collective intelligence and upon whose authority we really are acting.. The next question is if we really can and should decide what everybody else should do, or if we rather should try to enlighten each other so that a good common understanding is achieved.

The many worlds of business, intellectuals, investors, politicians and others are putting up numerous issues for us to consider and babble about, but none of that is needed.

In a world of deeply ecological people this should not be necessary. Everything we do should be based upon acceptance of all other people, creatures and the environment itself. In all we do we accept the right of everybody else to realise themselves. The consequence of this is that great and deep changes involving all should be avoided because something or somebody might get hurt.

The matters concerning the global community should therefore be focused on understanding and improving our environment, understanding all creatures and aim to raise the consciousness of all. Most global issues like monetary issues, wars, illness, povert and others we are busy with today would then simply fade away and be replaced by issues of higher relevance.

Another main issue is that the thinking and talking should be reduced and replaced by people doing things like helping, creating and seeking. Prestigious projects and high winded thinking are all inside our heads only as a spin of no use.

Cosmopolitan man is the deeply ecological man and a person working on himself, helping others and the environment. That is all we ever need from all of us. Work on yourself, help others near you, be considerate towards the environment and we will all be doing fine.

Cancer and the unbelievable confusion over body mechanisms

Monday, January 21st, 2013

We are all looking for the truth, also in the field of health and what food to eat to have an optimal health. But there is no consensus to find in this area, no agreement. This clearly indicates a deep lack of real knowledge.

Let us look into the connection between cancer and lifestyle including food, stress, exercise.

The German physicist Virchow stipulated that all new cells are made by the existing cells. So in the case of cancer the cancerous cells come from cell division of existing cells. This basic premise is possibly wrong according  to a paper published in 1976 by the Japanese doctor K. Morishita The Hidden Truth of Cancer .

We do not know the cause of cancer. It is now defined as a a sudden change in cell structure with a change in DNA following thereupon. The whole world including the cancer industry and modern medicine will benefit if we find and can pinpoint the cause of cancer.

This will also learn us to live healthy and happy lives as these things are probably connected. Morishita’s hypothesis is that unhealthy living causes cancers.

Cancer is now officially described as malignant cells that suddenly mutate from normal cells, leading to invasive growth and metastasis.

The major question today is: Why have these cells formed at all? There is no answer to that because the present cancer theories are wrong. Modern medicine will never find the answer. Cancer can not be sudden – out of the blue – it must have a cause.

At present the care of cancer is surgery, chemicals, radiation. Officially we believe that cancer is incurable and deadly for the patient, but that the patient can be kept alive for a time with medication.

Morishita hypothesises that cancer is linked to the food quality and quantity, and he has confirmed that via experiments of many kinds. Longevity, character and cause of disease is linked to diet. Food is life. Cancer, heart disease, mental disorders, and all chronic illnesses depend on diet.

The basic principle must be found, and then it can be applied to all other diseases.

Animal and man receive their nutrition through the intestines, plants via their roots. Modern physiology says that the intestine does digestion and absorption of foods. This is wrong.

The villus of the intestine is like a n amoeba. Here physiological production of blood takes place. The food is transformed into red blood cells by the villus. These cells then turn into body cells. The red blood cells gather and form organs and tissues. Therefore our body is about transformation of food.  Food is life. The red blood cell is the fundamental material of our body. Food is digested and transforms itself into a red blood cell and then becomes a body cell. Body cells may reverse into red blood cells under conditions where normal production of red blood cells stops because there must always be enough blood cells in the body to transport necessary oxygen to the organs of the body. The result of this reversal is a loss of weight, and if it continues you will die.

Cancerous growth starts because the body is acidic. The cancer cell is a body cell which has been transformed from a red blood cell. A red blood cell attaches to a a cancer cell and transforms into a cancer cell. The cancer growth is stronger than that of normal cells, and will dominate.

Cures for cancer are found in China, India etc. in the form of plants and herbs that rebalances the body fluids. The basic premise of a cancer cure should be to attempt to restore our natural healing power so that cancer cells become red blood cells. This means restoring the natural alkaline acid balance of the body. To do this cancer therapy should be changed into dietic, mental and physical therapy. Cancer is caused by malfunctioning of body cells due to adverse living conditions that leads to acidic body fluids.

As a preventive measure one should live near nature, avoid commercial food, eat organically grown food, avoid syntethic chemicals, keep fit, avoid mental stress.

Our diet must be slightly alkaline. The main factor in keeping a body healthy is keeping a proper alkalie acid balance in the body. Your body is naturally slightly alkaline, and your diet should aim at keeping it so. It is important to check your food for acidity, and a good balance is achieved by eating 70-80 % alkaline food.

A good long term balanced diet is what is required, and this is maybe best achieved through juicing of greens as a mainstay of your diet. Extremes of eating should be avoided.

An important part of this regimen is to have enough water in your body. When we are born we are 90% water, when we die we are 50% water. Water intake should be 2-4 liters per day of ionized alkaline and hard water.

Salt is in there too, with many tasks, the most important one is to be basis for a good acid in your stomach. Salt should be unrefined pure sea or mineral salt.

Exercise frequently and lightly with a varied program. Extremes are not healthy.

These are all taken from literature, but think for yourself about what is right.

There is a big controversy coming regarding cancer, and maybe we will have a revolution soon.

May be the situation is more complex that shown here. but so far this all seems to go well together: acid alkaline balance, water, salt, exercise, mental control.

More details will be found and presented. Follow this space, and do some thinking for yourself.

Innovation is always there, but takes a rest now and then

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Innovation is the salt of the Earth, and human imagination and ingenuity has made incredible deeds over the centuries. New technology is useful, and will be adopted gradually, but innovation or invention is the best and often gives the big leap forward.

Technology moves ahead as people search and test and build, uncovering hidden truths. Innovation moves ahead as people think anew, find new ways, surprise others, make new combinationsstructures and uses. Sometimes it is called invention too.

Innovation sometimes seems to stop, but that will not be for long. Human creativity and ingenuity always come back to lead us on.

Therefore be patient as somebody will to your surprise soon amaze you.

Things may be changing too. The traditional supremacy of the West and Japan may be taken over by China and others. China was a great innovator once and can be so again.

Technology, invention and innovation all hang together, but for companies there must be a business model in there. A number of factors must be well done for you to succeed as an innovator.

Innovation is the result of hard work, well planned and executed and is no happening. The components and operation of a best practice innovation management system can be as follows:

  • Specification of the segment of customers a company wants to offer value to.
  • Overall view of a company’s bundle of products and services that are of value to the customer.
  • Values you are contributing to: ecological, working conditions, pollution, etc.
  • Choice of distribution channels or how to get in touch with the customer.
  • The kind of link a company establishes between itself and the customer (customer relations)
  • The arrangement of activities and resources that are necessary to create value for the customer.
  • The resources that can be deployed by the firm to create value for the customer including the basis for the company’s competitive advantage
  • Evaluation of networks / partnerships / cooperative agreements with other companies in order to create value for the customer
  • Cost structure – the means employed in the business model.
  • Intellectual Property Rights IPR are also deemed important as a source of revenue.
  • Efficiency in details and systems could also be part of the work.
  • Incomes: state how to make money through a variety of revenue flows.

To get the right ideas coming up you have to inspire and organize a flow of suggestions as to what can be done. Do not suppress any ideas, even if it is not used directly it can be developed and also inspire new ideas.
So therefore find, start or get hold of:

  • Suggestions from all parts of the organization and membership from all parts of the organisation
  • External proposals from customers, suppliers, interested parties, whoever. Maybe have a blog?
  • Innovation groups for discussions and workshops, maybe with external participants
  • Innovation function in the organisation/office handling the suggestions
  • Corporate/company head of innovation
  • Innovation meetings structure for sorting, preparing and pre-development of ideas
  • Development of innovation suggestions, decisions
  • Presenting the chosen suggestions
  • Project establishment follows thereafter. All innovations must be established as a separate project to be successful!

Some documents are needed to manage the process:

  • An Innovation Strategy aligned with and driven by the larger organisational strategic objectives
  • An Innovation Program listing all innovation projects that are intended to be commenced over the coming period
  • An Innovation Plan outlining all the ongoing or imminent innovation projects over the present budget year including evaluations and suggestions for corrective actions
  • An Annual Evaluation of the outcomes of the innovation projects including financial outcomes.

There it is, or your adaptation of that.

surely to be good at innovation you must have an innovation system, so your attention is focused in a certain way and supported by management techniques.

You must accept all ideas that fit with your intentions, strategy as innovation must be in the proximity of the world you have made for your company. Alternatively you must start a new company.

You must be prepared to fail many times. you must always take in unexpected inputs from all over the place, most good things are bottom up or inside in. You must make room for halfbaked ideas and apparent sillyness, you must be able to grow ideas and supplement them.

Forget history – innovation is not there.You are looking for the hitherto unseen. you must also find the right place and time.

Test and test, be smallscale and see what happens. Be incredibly patient, keep a burning desire going, persevere, drop it but don’t leave it, and try something else. They say that 300 ideas give one success.

An established organisation does not like innovation as it breaks all the established routines, it scares people, they’d rather not have it.

When you deem an idea good and decide to develop it, you must establish a proper project with a link to your strategy, proper connection to management, a good project with fine funding, a fair timeline. You must run the line fully out and do a properdevelopment and marketing etc. If it comes to nothing, fold it, try another, and keep them all on your list.

Stick to your methods, let your organisation see what you do and feel your determination, allow input spesifically to projects, keep disipline tight on operations and loose derogatory talk, let them all learn, keep developing your methods.

Innovation is a game of ideas, not always very coherent, intelligent or calm, but keep it going, check what you have, see when you can use it.

Creativity is what is about, letting it grow, letting it survive, not killing any thing.

Drama, creating differences, non-conventionality, stopping and starting, rolling out projects, disappointment, elation. It becomes a lifestyle, you live with it always.

Conclusion is that you arrange a methodical, conscious, loose approach – you must combine all – and you may, well, perhaps succeed.

What will the next big thing be – yours? Keep trying, man.

People matter very much, so let us get back to small units of activity

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Systems, technology and finance are driving the world forward. Everything is centralised, large scale, impersonal, owned by a few, ordinary people are becoming underlings. This force seems irresisistible, it is perhaps forcing us into a permanent situation.

Production in all fields of endeavour like industry, agriculture, transportation seen in isolation is doing fine with bigger and bigger units, bigger profits, cheaper and better products, great innovation. The forces underlying this trend are nowhere near their limits – there will be much more of the same, much, much more.

We must adress one serious issue of this development, and that is that humans are suffering in many ways. In spite of the economic growth we have had, the working conditions for people involved are bad. There are supreme stresses and demands on people, like never before in history, and the sum of workplace conditions have become inhuman. These stresses are not physical, they are mental. Your independence is gone, you are being bossed around. This happens in spite of the high standard of living we have achieved in many places.

We must stop and think hard about the effect this high tech race is having on us, and really work out how it can be stopped.  If we do no not do that we will end up like microchipped zombies without any control of our own life.

The social side of our lives is also strongly affected, and the result could be a society where we all are locked into a netbased, fully chipped system where all units – both people and things are fully integrated and fully controlled.

Is it too late?

No, definitely not as we are still able to decide our own future. The emptiness of our present secular technical civilisation is increasingly evident, and the craving for a holistic materialistic and spiritual civilisation is already growing strongly.

We also need a new economics that include spirit and conscience, moral purpose and the meaning of life so that there is a real possibility of fostering high grade behaviour among people.

The other side of the coin is the lack of sustainability. Our methods of production for industrial goods, food, chemicals, transport, radiation, waste, emissions, pollution … are clearly not sustainable, and will have to be changed. The use of energy is clearly too high. The spending of nonrenewable resources is not sustainable, and will have to be modified. There is also constant fighting for resources of all kinds.

The social consequences are negative as stressful work all day is the norm in order to uphold consumption. The social connections of most people are being broken, and it is now all about work, consumption and pleasure. This life is not interesting enough in the long run, so people spice it up with entertainment and drugs.

This must change. We shall not cut back, but change our ways so that we widely enrich ourselves and have peace in a sustainable world.

The subject of quality of life is the essence of the future. Consumption must be built up for poor people, but others must now consider a change in their ways. We must find the sustainable levels, the spiritual and moral qualities we need to build a better and permanent future.

The central point of it all is our use of fuel to propel our activity where sustainable methods must be found.

We wish to enter a world of permanent economics, and to do that we must find ways that do not destroy our societies and our people, and do not lead to enormous concentrations of capital and equality. The key is wide or best full participation by all people.

To achieve this machines and equipment must be cheap so that everybody can afford them, suitable for small scale application and compatible with mans creative needs. Small scale activity is the key to our future.

So engineers and inventors should design machines that makes this possible so that – in turn – people can do worthwhile work on their own or as part of a local small cooperative. They may thus be independent of bosses and working for the local market. They would also be able to free themselves from the hassle of consumerism with advertising and buying pressure. This would also mean decentralisation of economic power, and a better democracy.

Society would be transformed too with less forced urbanisation, less crime and violence.

The present development of ever bigger machines, more and more concentrations of capital are forcing us into a society no one really wants.

So we put ourselves back on the road to a positive future where people are independent, mainly manage their own activity,  are creative, live in good places, have time for more than labor.

The development we see can be changed if we first put our minds to it, start in a small way and then build up the pressure based on the results we will see.

Spiritual enlightenment: A tiny weeny thought about why you are here on Earth

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

It is not wise just messing about on Earth, you may seriously damage both yourself and others, and the Earth itself to boot.

Today materialism is rampant, the world of technicalities is all we have, we are losing ourselves. It is time to start the work to see ourselves.

So please start some work on yourself and try to understand who you are and what you do on the Earth. You should also think a bit about how to transcend as a human being, so as to have a life that is a good as possible, and what your role could be if you put your mind and abilities into it. You are the only one who can do this, but support can be found everywhere.

When we are born we know nothing, and gradually your personality is built. You have a body, intellect, emotion, instincts. Things soon start to fall into place for you and you function in all practical ways.

The big challenge is to find why you are busying yourself in all manners and ways,  why you are here? What is the purpose of human life? What is the nature of reality?

Religion as it is practiced today does not give you an answer. We must search to find the best of mans teachings, the teaching before religion, the original myths,  what we found to be right then, and turn that into teaching that is valid today. There surely are basic truths to be found that we can build on, that earlier generations have found.

We are searching for man’s connection to a higher level of creation, to look for how we can attain a harmonious development of man. We wish to build man’s collective memory, to develop thinking that can be the basis for future development. This could be the best cumulative understanding of the human condition both individually and collectively.

We must find the issues that are continuous and universal, the issues that we can build our civilisation upon. At the moment these truths seem to have been forgotten.

Humans are part of the ecosystems, but believe they can exist by themselves. This is not true as the interconnectedness must be universal, and we must strive to understand these links. The questions of body and soul are central.

The soul side of our existence is not accepted, it is tension filled as it is not scientific (today). Understanding can only be achieved through effort. The objective of it all is to find our role in the cosmos and establish a dialog with what is above us spiritually. The challenge is to achieve a higher and more profond human experience.

Einstein has been quoted as saying: “There is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe, a spirit vastly superior to that of man. There is a conscience”

This hierachy is hidden from us today, but will allow us to be part of cosmos and grow in consciousness as part of the cosmos, and in conscious harmony with it.

The knowledge we are thus seeking can not be subject to changes over time and space.

The way to go forward is the 4th way (the others being the way of the fakir, monk, yogi) and that is huge.

It is about searching for the limits of the human mind, to raise man to a higher mind, find objective knowledge of the same kind that governs the universe that we call science. This will be the science of the cosmos and man’s place in cosmos. It is universal and will stay so, there is no right way, no owner, nothing can change it.

People have known it before and practiced it, it comes from over us, and our job now is to find it, work at it so we can understand who we are. It is about microcosm and macrocosm, man and universe, finding and understanding the universal laws that penetrate everything.

We must study both man, nature and the universe as the same laws govern it all. Man must study himself, each one of us must do that, and by doing this he finds the world.

We have never studied ourselves and the lack of knowledge of our self stops us knowing the world. Any knowledge is only valuable if it helps man’s self-knowledge.

Knowledge is about context, about finding that little bit that helps us understand ourselves.

We all want to grow, to become more than we are. Practical work is needed, consciousness over time and this requires constant work.  Here self-remembering is the key – get rid of noise, mechanical life ans work to find your own self. If you can manage self-remembering you can manage to work towards consciousness.

If you can awake your consciousness you can become a real being. There are many ways to do it and you must find your own way. Working towards consciousness is hard, and it is not required, you do it if you want to. Evolution of consciousness is rare, but conscious individuals can do it. It is a chance, it is an untrodden road, it is risky.

But its dimensions are great as it is about man’s place in the universe and understanding yourself. Your reward may be to grow a higher being body, see the endlessness of  the universe and man, get nearer to the purpose of human life.

It is also about neutral, non-egoistic love, your ability to function in a huge cosmos.

Start the hard work, stay at it for long, even if your only reward may be found in the satisfaction of having tried hard.

Our world needs your work on yourself.

Making our culture part of our lives

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

The concept of culture is hard for people living now to describe and to fathom – to see what the state of their culture is now. The buzz and bustle of daily life sucks you up, significant factors are often elusive and not so easy to discern. It is often left to historians to say what the past culture was.

Everything we do is culture, so the concept is all-encompassing – behaviour, food, drink, entertainment, politics, work, entertainment, religion, habits…..

Our culture is materialistic, spiritual values are sorely lacking, money is all. Moral values are hard to see in practice, nobody speaks about the concept of culture, there is no public discussion taking place. Such are some of the catchwords being used.

The concept of culture should be alive, we should see and reflect upon what goes on. There should be openness related to culture and its direction in a society. Culture is about our lives now. It is near you, it happens where you are. All culture is local, it can not happen elsewhere, conditions are different everywhere, so culture adapts to locality. Remember also that diversity is a great thing.

If we do not know what culture is, if we are unconscious in our handling of what we do, we do not know what to do to have a beneficial culture.

In Norway we had a massive killing in the summer of 2011. A single person perpetrated the act. The debate afterwards has been focused on administrative matters related to who was the most to blame for the lack of preparation and knowledge beforehand, the lack of ability to stop the shootings. What we saw was a total lack of preparations, inept handling of the situation as it developed and enormous diffuseness in peoples understanding of their responsibility as part of their jobs. As the process of understanding how this tragic happening came about grows on us and we see what happens now, the words responsibility and accountability have lost their meaning.

There should now be a deliberation of the cultural side of this – is there a need to assess Norwegian culture widely when such a happening can occur the way it did? Was this a single incident or may we see similar happenings? Are there non-beneficial factors at work in Norway?

In the US a school-shooting took place with a terrible outcome. Several other shootings have taken place recently and long before. Many matters have come up, among them gun-laws, medication practices related to mind altering drugs.

The US has also seen the Occupy Movement, strong criticism related to economic stratification of society, monopolistic corporate practices, lack of interest in environmental matters, the huge importance of greed and competition, the lack of ubiquitous welfare systems, the use of violence. The spending on military activity on such a huge scale surely can not go on for long.

Race and nationality is another matter in the world today. Large numbers of people are moving around, influencing the places they go to. This has always been an important factor in the US where millions have come to live their lives in the land of opportunity. Now there is pressure building, everybody is a foreigner it seems, practising their own cultures, and the ability to foster a common culture is hard to find. Even languages are not so sure anymore, Spanish may possibly soon be the dominant language.

This turn of events is now also coming to Norway where multiculturalism is building, and religious contention is the order of the day. The Nordic model may not last forever as the big organisations and corporations are having a dominant share of the political pie. Politics is no longer a participative activity with open deliberation and free debate as power games and party politicking is the order of the day.

The Chinese seems to be in a different situation where building welfare and equality is the foremost priority. The culture is seemingly uniform, but pressures related to urbanisation, income distribution, and foreign issues are moving up the political agenda.

Their political system is also being criticised due to its lack of alternatives, lack of real debate about big issues and no real elective processes. Mao’s great leap forward was a perfect disaster, and a political system where this kind of happening could take place surely must be improved.

The economic system is another matter, including its basic principles, where we truly can say that there are grave faults at work.

Everywhere there is psychosocial dynamism where issues like equality of the sexes, racism, xenophobia, religious differences are present.

Propaganda is the order of the day with public relations and information workers always very busy plying their trade in the spirit of mr. Bernays who wanted to crystallize public opinion into one.

Everywhere pressure is building, and people are nowhere participating in broad mass reflections about where this change is taking us. There are not many reflections taking place, the media, the politicians are busy powerbroking, trying to fix the economy. The masses of people are busy working and entertaining themselves. Society is superficial as everything hinges on worthless rituals.

Broad cultural issues are not present, writing or talk on issues affecting our daily lives are to be found only in a few places – where the oddballs are. Maybe this is like it always were. We are too busy living our lives to have time for culture and deeper issues.

The common idea in the world of using centralized politics to control countries, and further engaging in world wide activities as an extension of that is proving to be harmful, unfulfilling and even dangerous.

Informed self-governance is a long way off, broad participative processe also. Wise democracies based on collective wisdom is now rare. It is everywhere different in detail, but on a higher level it is very much the same-same.

But once in while do sit back and reflect, invite some people to join you and try to see what you have and what you would like to have. Do not even think of involving media as they will not be interested.

But reflection and deliberation is important and useful as it clears your mind, and let the ones near you know what you think, and spread the word. Progress will surely be seen if we all do a little bit of deep cultural work.

How will history measure our culture – the things we do that shape our culture?

The erosion of personality and the slavery of money

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

We live in a culture where working for others is a requirement, a necessity and what we all do. What you do every day is make things or perform services for others. Nothing of what you do is for yourself. You serve others in order  to survive.

Everything you need you buy from others like you. To be able to do that you must have paid work.

Division of labour and efficiency criteria are pushing this culture further along all the time. We have lost track of the origin of money, what we really need and the money system has led our society into a straitjacket.

There is use of money, constant competition for everything, there is constant change in all areas. High activity is good, and growth is good.

You have to work for a boss, make him happy or you have to have customers that you must make happy.

This is reinforced by investors and others wanting to make a profit that is as big as possible. You are pressured and enticed into working more, you get more money, and the owners get more money.

If you do not make them happy you do not get any money. You are living under a force.

This system reduces quality of life to nothing, most people are not deeply happy. You become totally dependent upon money, all your needs are material, all you do is centered around money. You gradually become driven to do more, everything hinges on money that you must have. This goes on and on and never stops.

This is a perfect system of slavery, and you have become a slave. Gradually you realise this, but since the rewards are satisfactory and the release mechanism is hidden you accept it.

When you have money you can get whatever you want. So to lessen your spiritual pain you try to do just that and you go for it. All people will do whatever is wanted if the money is good enough, and the same goes for you. We all work for the people with money that are our masters, and we are masters also.

The forces and pressures start to build and you must compete, surpass and outshine others. The values controlling the system is competition, greed, smartness and all of them bring you money if you succeed. Many will not succeed.

The result is an erosion of personality as you lose yourself and your ability to do what pleases you most times. You have masters telling you their wishes and you must do what they say or the money stops. Money is the real boss, your master.

As operations get more and more efficient, there will be fewer and fewer jobs. The future is jobless, you are not needed. This is the systematic error of it all.

Community is nearly impossible in a highly monetized society like our own.

This is because community is woven from gifts and free services going back and forth, which is ultimately why people without money have stronger communities than we have.

With us if you are financially independent you don’t depend on your neighbours or any other specific person for anything. You can just pay somebody and they will do it for you.

In the long run and if you start to think about it you see what happens to you. Your personality suffers, you are locked in a system and the way out is hard to find. Society suffers to.

In a good world you work for yourself and your nearest, decide what to do yourself, make what you and others near you need which will make you deeply satisfied, and spend the rest of the time pursuing activities that make you happier still.

But we can not go back anymore, the system is good as it bring abundance so the ties to money are here to stay they say. Or is there really a better way? Things are stirring in peoples minds now for better solutions, for value creation and no money-mongering. New systems, new methods like bitcoin, green dollars are in the works…

If there is ample will in you this situation can be changed. You can regain your personality as you reduce your dependence upon money. The importance of this question is growing fast, the spirit is rising.

The concept of public opinion is false

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Our societies are all said to hold a common opinion – a public opinion.

Such an opinion can only be expressed through a channel or medium. Channels in our society are few, they are called media and they are all controlled by a few. The messages in these channels are presented as public opinion. Remember that the the controllers of the channels use the available channels consciously for their own ends.

Therefore there is not a collective opinion, common opinion or public opinion because all opinions are made by a few. To find the public opinion one would have to search widely to find if there indeed is a common opinion.

The controllers of channels can however state that what they say is public opinion, so that most people are behind said opinion.

Since channels are so few protests against these statements issued as public opinion are futile. You are not allowed into the channel to state your view and nobody else is either. If your views are contrary to those of the controllers they simply keep you out, and so what they say is public opinion stands. If you insist or try to force your opinion into a channel you will see all kinds of trouble.

Bear in mind that people are very sympathetic to the concept of public opinion. People wish to identify themselves with others, people want to be part of a wholeness and to belong. If the controllers of channels are wise, timely and clever they create messages that include you and make you part of a wholeness – your opinion is identical with public opinion. These messages are factual, contextual and have a form that is hard to refute. They are usually part of a concept the controllers of channels want to promote. They are often so complex that individuals  lose interest and accept what is presented. This goes on over long periods of time.

The forming of a wholeness that the individual can see is essential as this makes him belong and at the same time makes him think of himself as worthy and by holding these public opinions he is seen as worthy in the eyes of others. The technique of high-spotting is common in these contexts.

This means that the controllers of channels can form your behaviour and your decisions. Your activity becomes the same as that of many others. You are not aware of it, but what you think and do has become what many others do. The initial feeling is that of comfort – you are included among many good people.

The techniques used are those of propaganda and the tool is mass media communication.

The ethics and morals of propaganda are left to all to judge, but no one is coerced into following the propaganda. The process can be seen if you are alert, clever and conscious and at all interested, then you can see that manipulation is intended.

There is little doubt that propaganda is used extensively in our societies and that we as individuals are reduced to creatures of the masses – we are all one of the masses and we all mostly do what the masses do which is the same the masters of the channels want. For most people the reward and pickings  of following the propaganda are seemingly rich: you belong, you participate, you have a good standard of living. Is there more?

Yes there is and we should all start to think deeper than we do today. This is slavery, you have to work more than 40 hours a week for more than 40 years to be part of the system. Your are a repeater, your potential is not used at all, you hardly scratch the surface of what there is in you.

You could be a conscious individual, use your creativity, be independent and free and do what you want. Being your own men and women could be the result, getting up every morning with an open agenda or one that you have fully made for yourself.

Realize that you do not need the very few channels there are. They only  want to hook you up, to use you. They are always controlled by others over which you have no influence, they subdue you.

You only need what you have in yourself, what you freely decide and what you freely take from others. Then you will be free, and society will be diverse and much more interesting

Educating you and only you and broadly too

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Education is everywhere. They are all aiming for you – they all want you to become what they want. Nobody is asking you what do you want to learn, my child, what do you think would be of value to you, and so help you have a good life. They all want you to be a worker in their companies, a specialist with a narrow job, a slave, an ant that do what you are told. This is done by allowing you to be part of the consumer culture where shopping and consuming is the single most important activity, where more of the same is the only way forward, so that our economies can have growth.

The real life you can have is totally different. That is is a life where you may be free and independent, where you have many choices available to you, where your consciousness is at a high level, where happiness is a matter of course, where you understand yourself and know why you do think like you do and do the things you do. Interaction with others via social abilities is important too, as well as interaction with the greater cosmos, the ecological system that is all around us. Diversity abounds, the world becomes a magic place.

In education we must also remember that we know little, all things past have gone, new things keep coming up all the time, the scope of what we do not know is endless. A sound education practice should reflect this fact.

The social, economic, political and individual consequences of such a change would be wide.

Being educated in this new way, you feel at home in the world, in your own community where people know you, and in the world where you can visit or settle as you like. The world is understood by you – how it works, what you can do to it and what you should not do.

Your abilities and what you gradually take a liking to, even would love to do, should be in there as decisive factors in a learning system just for you. Surely there personal abilities that you were born with or that you want to develop, things you like to try because it seems fun and even useful to others, to the cosmos we live in.

So there is a huge challenge out there – how do you become the one you deeply want to be.

The essential issue is to leave people alone so they can have their own way, and let every one know at an early stageof their life that this is how we are going to do it – it is your choice and we will help you on the way.

So let everybody make a plan for themselves, and do what they deeply want to. Make a commitment to yourself, set goals and go for it.

There are no rules, but basics like working to understand yourself, growing food, singing, dancing, playing, handicrafts, arts, reading, writing, mathematics, programming, languages, work participation soon comes up. All introductions should be given by your parents, they are your helpers and mentors. The rest of your family and social group should also chip in so the start of your life is broadly based.

Schools are much more like workplaces, as all workplaces have an obligation to teach young people what they do. All teachers are part timers, as they are doing other activity as well.

There is no distinction between work hours or free hours as you have one life where what you do is mainly what you want to do. If there are chores they must be shared by all.

There must also be a change in all the company profiles, and a heavy shift back to small and local is needed.

The principle of education is to enter into your community’s life steadily, taking part in what they do, learning what you need to know, gradually develop your ideas and taking choices that lead you where you want to go.

As you grow up and greater depth is wanted by you there are the educational facilities where you can get the progress you want. These are mainly libraries, research institutions where you yourself must find what you want to know and the teachers that you need. Companies have an obligation to let you see what they do, so you can learn what you want when you want to.

Several foreign languages should be part of all people’s knowledge, and travelling abroad in a systematic way should be encouraged.

Education should be a life long process where you can get in when you feel like it, when you want some new knowledge, a new skill.

This is a rudimentary sketch of a future educational system, and the consequences of changes such as these would be significant. These thoughts will be developed further. There are many reasons to think of a new educational system with a much broader base for everyone. That way we can do more ourselves so that we need less money and the job requirement is reduced.

The politics of money is ripe for a deep change too, the distribution of wealth must be reshaped, the participation principles in democracies must be broadened.

It all hangs together, so we must all start to piece our thinking together.

Your learning is much of the basis of what you are  so consider that deeply. You were born a human with broad possibilities so we must all take that into consideration when we decide what we want to learn and what we will be. If you are a super specialist in a huge company, you may soon find yourself super useless.

Broad education, man, broad! And yes remember lifelong too. The aim is of course to help you be your own person, genuinely free, wholly  independent, happy.

The inability of democracies to be democratic

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

We all live in a world that is like an old adventure story : The ruling class or political class has taken over. Countries with millions of inhabitant are ruled by hundreds of people called politicians, and everything is now a political question. Very few matters are for you to decide as all matters are political. The politician’s rule is complete and unrestricted. Problems abound, but they can not be solved until politicians have had a say.

We live an illusion – the system does not work very well.

The democratic system as it is today works in intriguing ways. We have equipped it with a bottleneck where all things must pass. All things that shall enter the bottleneck must be carefully prepared, and they are. But further consideration is always needed. So there just is not enough room for what we want to do. And afterwards they can alway go back on what they said.

There are resources plentiful to achieve marvellous things, but we can not do it because the system has not said yes you can do it, it has not passed the bottleneck.

Further we have also allowed politics to expand beyound all reasonable limits. Now everything is politics, every little bit shall be decided by politicians, the political class are the rulers of their countries, and if this trend continues the political class will be the rulers of the world one day – in the not too distant future.

In spite of this power base there is also an enormous inability to fix things that have gone wrong: budgets, health care, foreign policy….The consequences of politics are nil, politicians are like vapour and goes up in thin air after the deed.

The bottleneck is not always full because many matters are under consideration and not ready for the bottleneck. But once it is ready for the bottleneck further consideration is always needed, we must consider it again, and again….

Many groups and participants are active in the process, they often work from hidden posistions, sometimes they seem to be able to stop things, in other cases they seem to make things pass the bottleneck very easily. This often comes as a surprise  to those not in the know. Special interest groups understand the system very well, and can play it to perfection. The financiers are also in there, helping decisions develop beautifully.

This is how the democratic system works, and it truly is an adventure. All that shall be done must pass through this bottleneck. At the same time and as a consequence of this you are not allowed to do things on your own. You must always wait for the political decisions. This holds even if the resources are available, there is will to do it among many people, they have the ability to do what they say, you have already cleared the obstacles and are ready to start. You can do it now or at least in the near future.

If you want to build a railway it can not be done

If you want to fix the health care system it can not be done

If you want a new school it can not be done. If you want o change the school system it can not be done.

If you want to do things otherwise it can not be done.

If you want a balanced budget you can not have it.

If you want equality you can not have it, you ca not get rid of poverty

If you want – whatever – you can not have it – others have the right of authority so you must wait

The politicians – that we have elected – always have the final word on all matters big and small. They also mysteriously create all the jobs in a country. They tax us heavily so we have little money left. The government have the money so they can do things. The financiers also have money.

And then there are the laws and regulations. They keep pouring out, engulfing us, making us sit quite still. Your ability to get things done is severely  and increasingly limited. You must have approvals for every little bit, or maybe you are taken and punished…. Often the laws are sloppy with indeterminate consequences.

But it has gone too far as we can no longer abide by all of the rules, but that does not matter,  enforcement is long beyond the power we have put in place. Increasingly the question of power to do comes up – are politicians really authorized to do all they do?

But often there are no rules and regulations so the  participants mysteriously can do whatever they want.

Politicians also meddle all the time, creating confusion, stopping people doing things. The word we get is that you have to wait, we are working on it.

The sum of all this is a modern democracy which is a society with a bottleneck where all things must pass. The bottleneck society, and that is where you live. The bottleneck is not getting smaller, no it stays the same, but what has to go through it steadily increases.

Remember that force is the essence of government, and why do we need somebody to use force? Why not consensus, voluntarism, freedom? The scale of government is too grand. It is time to think anew.

Frustration is everywhere – among us all. So where do we go from here?

We surely need changes. Not fewer politicians, but more: Everybody should become a politician, his own politician and decide by himself what to do. Get things you need doing done by yourself – it is easy really.

The consequences will be small. The politicians of today are so engulfed in their own devices that they will not notice.

The key principle is to let more people be able to do what they want. All we need for that is an unwritten be careful rule so you don’t harm anybody. Adam Smith called it moral sentiments, and he even wrote a book about that. Live by simple good morals and ethics and start doing what you want. And you know what – your country will become more democratic as you go along.

So let us do this awhile and we should think hard about what we are doing, then do more and more of the same, and gradually let it be the way things are done in our democracy. We would then have found the way forward! This is about dismantling restrictions, empowering individuals – and creating a new adventure story. Let freedom come.

So now is it – start doing what you want to do. It will be massive when people realize it is possible.