Eternal – or at least long – life

We shall all die.

This has been said to happen in the long run for most us – after a long life. Breaking this cycle has been a dream for humans ever – how to cheat the bearer of death.

Knowledge is advancing, we do research, things are falling into place – we have started to see some of the factors influencing the time of death. By living well and caring for your body we usually stay alive longer. Some people have worn out parts replaced – hip joints, hearts, diverse organs.

It also seems that once you have reproduced – i.e. after a certain age – a deterioration sets in, the body has done its work – or is supposed to – you now have children – you may die. A fine system that is as life goes on but you die – you are not of any use any more.

If true these are harsh messages to have – you may very likely refuse to accept such a story – but research goes on and what will we know next?

So therefore if we want to find life lengthening approaches we must prolong life by renewing the parts of our body that fails – go into a cycle of replacement so to speak. Some people are building theories – Aubrey de Grey examplewise – his SENS or Strategies for engineered negligible senescence consisting of seven factors – it is also a system. Anti-aging can thus be handled systematically, you will be serviced when need be.

Anti oxidants seem to be important – removing free radicals by having enough antioxidants. The life of cells, changes, oxidization, breakdowns, vitamins: New technologies are needed. Stem cells for making new parts is one, but it could lead lead to illnesses also  - there are at the moment many things to consider and find out. de Grey – keep it up – interesting stuff. de Grey was born in 1963 – so he is still a fairly young one.

But the return of another methods is still with us – eat less or as little as you can, get near the point of starvation and you be here for a long time. Not a comfortable life that! Would you be willing to do that if you stay on another tens of years? Maybe you could hypnotise the body to think it is starving?

It seems nobody clearly understands the processes, many substances are involved, much knowledge is lacking.

So do not be silly but wise, and do as best you can – life can be very rich in many ways – even if you were not allotted so much time here. Average life lengths are getting longer all the time, so something is working.

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