The lacking originality of our minds

The huge questions concerning why we are here do not get much attention. We  do not take an interest in how the cosmos is influenced by what we do and how we fit into the larger picture. The obvious oneness of everything is not a theme anymore. We are no longer trying to progress into areas of possible higher consciousness.

Metaphysics is not a popular pastime. Our thinking in this area has stalled.  We all think inside boxes that are made for us, or that we make ourselves. It is all about irrelevant matters, we prefer attending to our day to day businesses so that we may live comfortably. That is all.

The thoughts and themes circulating in the vicinity of anybody is a set of limited views,  displaying limited knowledge, things that we have heard or learnt from somebody else. Once we have acquired knowledge we use it again and again, and we jump at matters coming up, turning it around for useless purposes like making more money, small talk, jokes or jibes.

Workwise we are all engineers, tinkering, making things, moving things, servicing things, making money for more things. The use of the cosmos in a wide sense is not what we do, utilizing the abundance offered to us.

The older we get the more clearly this can be seen. Fresh, original thinking is nowhere present because we can not find the energy for original thinking, and other people do not like the challenges of original thinking if you want to share it with them. Be mindless, be comfortable, do not disturb yourself or anybody else.

This situation is rather amazing. Of course our thinking should always be fresh and original. What we say or write should always be original, never heard or read before. What we have in our minds should not be endless ruminations, repetitions or endless variations on the same content or ideas.

The way we live now we do not use our minds at all. What we have in our minds should be truly original, created by ourselves. That is the challenge. If you do not do this you must strive to get near this situation. What you have in your mind must never be unsubstantiated content that you have picked up somewhere, content that has been created by others and that has not been verified by you. The media and their proclaimed need for news and information is a big lie – you can completely do without it.

The basis for it all is working to understand yourself, how you function, what you do. Then you must see how your relation to others is and how you fit into the big picture. This work can create the basis for true independence, higher levels of being.

The noise from others is irrelevant and should never be listened to ever. You must make your own world where you live in the now, where you are near yourself.  Your relations to others are made on terms you decide, there can be no influencing taking place. There is nothing really to worry about, nothing to fear – you can do without everything.

The development of your thinking is entirely your own business, you are under just one obligation and that is to be happy. So think and do what makes you happy. It is not easy at all , the forces you meet are strong so you will have to put up a big fight.

It is about waking up , seeking higher levels of consciousness, becoming one. The aim really is stillness so you can see your essence, find your personality, balance it all, finding the absolute truth – what that is for you and nobody else.

Quote: ” Being prepared to receive what thought is not prepared to think is what deserves the name of thinking”. (Jean-Francois Lyotard)

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