Naturally knowing yourself

The mind has natural functions or processes where many things interact, where the messages we get are coordinated: The sounds, the sights, the smells, the heat or cold, the words we understand or not and interpret, the physical challenges, the hunger we may feel, the laughter – it is all hugely complex. This machine of ours seems to be in constant activity, the energy spent is huge. But sometimes we are in need of relaxation, a soothing voice, a bit of meditation? The machine has to slow down.

Why do we have to relax, withdraw – kind of stop the machine from time to time. A change of environment often lets us continue, a bit of encouragement makes us go on. It is often all in your mind.

There are thoughts too that pulls us one way or the other, we react in many ways depending upon what we think the message means.

Taste is smell they say. Aromatic molecules from your mouth enters your nose, and then your brain gets a message – depending upon who you are, what your experiences are, your personality, what you have eaten before. Food is good or bad, depending on the machine inside you. Unbelievable things may be eaten if your machine accepts it.

We are all different – within strict limits – and the interpretation of what goes on is all your own, you are a special kind of human. You do your own thing, you see, smell things, hear and so on in your own way.

There is work to do here – on your self: you are the only one who can deeply see what is going on, understand it and live with it. You should try to find out who you are and how you function, how your machinery works. If you need to change is another matter – it is not necessarily so – you may well be able to live fine as you do – with a little understanding from yourself.

But the more you are willing to work the more conscious you may become. You can understand this apparatus of yours in fantastic ways, you can raise your consciousness many levels. You may see the possibilities of  wholeness and integration, be more active, more thoughtful, maybe a more balanced person, you may be able to use your senses and your intellect in awesome ways. You may understand why you do things, how you do them, why you go for certain things and suppress others, why you are nervous, what your dreams are about, why you lie or resist, when you are comfortable, when aggression rises.

The question of suffering enters into it, understanding and accepting suffering in its many forms is possible when you know yourself. You should see to it that you interact well with people, that the social part of life is understood to.

The forces in you and the power of your mind may increasingly surprise you, and you may think of good ways to utilize this power. The possibilities of humans are not fully understood now, as we live in many ways that takes away the power to do the possible.

The challenge of knowing yourself is a light one, but the work may be hard! Rich rewards may come your way if you persevere.

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