Science or not – we must get to our soul and use it too

Our food is without doubt converted into both soul and muscle, making it possible for man to move about and to think, evaluate and feel. The immaterial side of man is surely part of us too.

Man is enveloped in electromagnetic fields, the atoms in our bodies follow the laws of physics, quantum mechanics, frequencies, radiation, but precise knowledge of this side of us is scant.

The soul or psychic side of our being is not given the attention it deserves, and it is almost hidden among people who think in mysterious ways, are psychics, alternative thinkers or mystics. It is considered non-scientific, it can not be measured and tested.

We should all be more interested in developing the science of this part of man. We must try to bridge the gap between physics and metaphysics. It could be good for all, in many ways.

It is about intuition, sensing others, communication between people, higher consciousness, remote sensing, healing, spiritual growth, energy and more.

There are many practitioners around, all claiming knowledge of a hitherto diffuse kind. We must persevere and try to understand what is going on. If this is true humankind could benefit greatly. It could even help us understand our connection to the greater we.

Mainstream media have often contributed to misconceptions and myths.

So these are a few notes of supposed relevance:
Many people are said to have psychic abilities as they are in real practice able to heal people, to see things that are hidden. People engage in meditation, affirmations and emotional healing, we learn about Chi and psychic energies, practice psychic self-defense and learn energy manipulation, we master psychic readings, psychometry, psychic healing, telekinesis, remote viewing. The effect of placebo lacks a clear understanding.

The psychic potential is great according to practitioners. We could all live a happier life using the spiritual tools and gifts we were born with in a way that fits into our everyday life. We may boost the brain’s physiological performance, seek spiritual intervention, have the readiness and capacity to clear our minds and be able to distinguish between psychic intuitiveness and normal imaginations. Unlocking psychic power is an art that can only be perfected through patience and practice.

Themes of interest are telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, aura reading, clairvoyance, divination, past life regression.

We also have psychokinetic abilities known as electrokinesis which is the metaphysical manipulation of electrons, and autokinesis which is the metaphysical manipulation of energy.

Parapsychological research with individuals possessing these abilities within a wide range of strength and precision have been undertaken, but there is no clear science of seeing or healing yet. Enhancement stones which are stones, metals and crystals been proven to enhance this ability.

Electrokinetics and autokinetics which communicate with electrons or general energy to create a form of electrical or energy surge or “solar flare” which are high temperature small waves that can be created up to 10 to 15 feet. These surges are locally created through communication or emitted out of the body, primarily through the hands or feet.

Mystics, philosophers, religious teachers and shaman throughout time claim that the third eye is the gateway to develop our higher self and experience deeper life meaning. Pineal gland and third eye is the same and is about developing your higher self. The saying is that we are capable of exciting higher self and 3rd eye experiences.

The brains of Tibetan monks who have meditated for 40+ years are said to have remarkable levels of conscious awareness.

There is also now a shamanic renaissance concerned with shamanic healing and the technology of the sacred.

Several authors claim that the laws of physics do not have to be rewritten to explain how psychic abilities work. They state that psychic abilities are possible due to wirelessly transmitted data and commands weakly emitted through the mind and bodies own natural electromagnetic radiation. Psychokinesis is possible by means of coupling critically tuned frequencies operating in the electromagnetic near-field.

Wireless transfer of energy and data is said to require a strong coupling between an electromagnetic resonant object and a kinetic/psychic. This coupling is possible by the transmitter and receiver being critically tuned to the same metaphysical frequency.

There is more: Many kinds of kinesis, there is astral projection and remote viewing, empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition, postcognition, oracles and mediums, divining and oracular abilities.

There is surely more. This area of human activity must surely be pulled out of its scientific darkness, into the light and made us of by all.

Follow this space and you may be enlightened. One day, a day of future thrills, we will see more.

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