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The smart grid, cleantech

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

In order to make room for new green and sustainable energy we have to focus on modernizing and expanding the electricity grid, integrating energy efficiency and distributed generation into operation and regulation, and improve our steering systems.

The smart grid means a grid where we can control the operation so that we get nearer to optimal efficiency. All power grids are subject to immense inefficiencies that arise from the interplay between centralized power generation, local power consumption and on demand utility service. Electricity demand fluctuates on both a daily and seasonal basis.

The concept of the Smart Grid has been introduced. The goal of the Smart Grid is to maximize the efficiency of existing generating facilities and accommodate the integration of renewable power resources. A new important factor is storage devices where we can store energy for later use as part of an efficiency/load balancing procedure. Many energy producing systems can not easily be turned on and off and storage would be advantageous – large scale and across borders: pumping water up for later use, compress air, flow-batteries, swing wheels, electric condensers, hydrogen production and storage…

Smart meters could also be introduced to show consumers the way to lower costs as well as reduce risk of blackouts. Standards are also needed so that systems can easily interconnect.

The cleantech concept for green and renewable energy is being introduced and increased weight is placed on the digital netbased control systems to make the smart grid work.

There is also the question of transporting lots of power over long distances which will require a strengthening of the grid.

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Open-standards based smart grid networks will promote innovations in the use and production of green energy. Is a gradual transformation of the industry on the way?