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Green business bubble or is it just a sad day?

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Among intensifying speculation that human CO2 is not contributing to global warming the world’s top ‘climate-change official” Pachauri of the IPCC is in focus. His business interests are described in an article in the Telegraph UK.

see article Telegraph UK

Read it and see for yourself – this is big business, big government, big UN, big EU, big men all: Carbon trading and sustainable technologies in a climate industry.

Do we have a scandal here? Good work Telegraph!

Correct climate data out there?

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change’s (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report, presented in 2007 the consensus view on how bad man-made climate change has (maybe) become.

Articles in US media are now presenting an e-mail theft (Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in the U.K.) involving hackers where scientists appear to try to present a consensus view on the theory of man-made climate change in spite of the real data. In order to do this they appear to smooth data so the favored hypothesis comes out. They also want to keep opposing views out of leading journals and try to hide lower temperatures in the data.

A question arises: Does the public not have a right to know the data behind their climate-change models and conclusions? Governments are now deeply involved in costly legislation to improve the bad situation – so what if the conclusions are not true?

Freedom of information is the norm in most countries  – is the IPCC exempt from this? Why try to blacklist scientists who disputed the models and conclusions?

Is there a coordinated operation by leading climatologists to fit the data to their own conclusions and attempt to silence and discredit their critics? Please let us have some investigative journalism! And where does this leave the lawmakers?

This is fantastic news for the conspiracy/global (giant) collusion people: Alex Jones, David Icke, Peter Duesberg who are claiming that there are several attempted scams in progress.

What is the real story here?