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Wood the energy carrier

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

We see a reduction in the use of paper. Forests and shrubs grow as before and researchers are now working to convert this growth into energy. 2.nd generation fuels like biodiesel and bioethanol are being produced in the labs in the form of a carbonrich oily substance. Several approaches are being tested in refining the wood for energy purposes. The challenge is scaling up to reach a commercial value. The chain of production will be in the form of an integrated forestry operation where all or many substances of the trees will be used.

Before 2010 Norwegian drivers must use fuel with 5,75 % biofuels added. This requires 230.000 tons of biofuels – and lots of  biomass!

July 2009: An old pulp and paper mill in the US north-east is being turned to the production of second-generation biofuel to be produced from commercial quantities of bio-butanol from forestry industry wood waste.

The aim is to make butanol, an efficient fuel with less corrosive effects than ethanol, from wood chips. Butanol could be an answer for the aviation industry.
The US’s is aiming to add 21 billion gallons of second-generation bioduel to the nation’s fuel mix by 2022. Airlines analysts think it could be used by 2015 if ample supplies can be found.

(Norwegian and US) wood is good!