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Joan Miró – inspiring processes in your mind

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

A big Miró exhibition is under way in Scandinavia. Coming from Denmark (Arken) it is now showing in Norway (Henie-Onstad). The exhibition is impressive – well done!

Many things can be said. The artist is maybe attempting a symbiosis of high art and trivial everyday life. He calls himself a gardener, intent that things should grow. Plants must be nourished, cared for and so must our lives and ideas.

The world is full of opposites: male and female, earth and heaven, spoken word and thought, close up and far away, love and strife – but all intertwined.

He has created monsters through his sculptures, probably from seeing madness in the world.

His forms foster creativity in the viewer’s mind, even making her smile and enjoy the fantastic creation he present for us. He seems to say that we must seek constant change, find new forms,  using our intuition to find reality.

So use humour to escape a dazed civilization – find reality where you can – maybe the best place is inside your head in your mind.

Artists must drive us on – Miró still does that. Can he inspire us to reach for a higher life or a dimension more human?

Works are lent by the Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght