The new superdevice SD – personal mobile device.

It is coming to us: the move to mobile computing has started. The personal phone, the pad, the netbook, communications device or personal linking center – please somebody find a good name – that can connect you to it all – whichever way you want to – wherever you are – your contacts, relations management, documents, information search, videos, pictures, music, camera, calendar, reader for books, digital storage, even games.

It will be an ultraportable smart-device with good hardware and with software you can set up yourself to your own liking, just like a PC or Mac. Closed systems machines will be out, standards must be established  to allow establishing a non-proprietary common world. Or will the comfort of a tightly controlled user interface, fine usability, integration, firmness of execution be important?

These ultraportable devices will synch with your activity or workflow: scale to large screens, with touch, pointing, keyboard, voice command, include loudspeakers via docking device or wireless connection 4G or wireless. The synch must be continous, session centric, place independent, integrate all components that you choose, keep track of sessions. Desktops, TV, laptops, tablets, phones, cameras must all be included, and this will be done through a combination of software and hardware.

The design must be web/cloudbased, location and device independent, and use open standards for hardware and software so that all devices can be included. And the phone function may the least important of it all?

There is a convergence out there that is becoming strongly visible – the business is there for the taking – customers will love this.

So who will do it: a big boon for users and businesses is coming – and soon too. Whatever we call it – it will be nice.

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