30 minutes a day – that’s all: Get going

Most people in the Western world need to improve their fitness, and a very simple approach is now being tested in Norway: Commit yourself to doing some exercises every day. All that is needed is 30 minutes or less. Push yourself up from the couch, walk a bit – count your steps.

The awareness of requirements for good health is growing everywhere. Research shows lots of benefits from reasonable fitness: less illness, more alertness, better performance at work, improved sexlife….

The Norwegian Health Directorate is starting a campaign to make all Norwegians move, exercise, walk every day: whatever physical exertion you can think of is good for you. You should perform your chosen exercise every day for 30 minutes.

You have not got the time? But you have! You have about 16 waking hours per day – surely 1/32 of this can be used to improve your life, your health, make you more active, creative, social, daring.

It is all there and you can have it if you want it – it is easy.

Still not convinced?  Try to make your employer give you 30 minutes every day to exercise – it will make you more efficient. So that’s difficult too?

Well, you can dance for 30 minutes in your own home, jog for 18 minutes, run intensely for 13 minutes or walk to the shop or mall, take a walk in the forest or park, walk the dog or if you haven’t got one borrow your neighbour’s dog, bicycle, walk with your children to school, use the stairs everywhere you have a chance, take a walk during the lunch break, play ping-pong in the office, go to the gym….. See – the possibilities are endless and you have the time. And you can push physical activity into everything you do all day – be a little physical: lift, walk, jump, stretch, balance…

And taxes will be lower because health costs go down. (I have to see that to believe it!)

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