Spirits in the mind or for real?

Do you believe in spirits of the non-corporeal kind? By spirits we mean inexplicable phenomena or mental, maybe emotional happenings or powers materializing. It is often associated with the soul, consciousness or things your senses register.

Spirits may be thought of as supernatural ghosts or the souls of dead people, it may have to do with energy, your mind or with the gods. We say it is all in your mind, but sometimes physical phenomena are seen. In many cultures shamans or special people are said to have powers to heal, to repair, to work wonders.

So is there substance in the spirits some people see or hear? Are they real phenomena or are they just occurring in people’s minds?

Natural phenomena may explain many effects – lightning, storms, frost, heat, growth, water flow – resulting in phenomena that to an  untrained mind are seen as beyond normality or even caused by supernatural powers.

The powers of the mind and consciousness – mind to mind contact, psychic powers, extrasensory powers, telepathy – are other happenings that has had the attention of the public. Most have been characterized as self-delusions or tricks. Parapsychology and similar research is often called fringe science – maybe there is something in it – but is largely refuted.

Prophets have been part of culture of man claiming to know what will happen, authors have been using spiritual themes to make a good story, magicians show intricate tricks involving mental powers and through mythology, life and death experiences, reincarnation there has been untold episodes unfolding, psychics causing sensation by what they do.

People with extraordinary contact with nature, more knowledge than others of natural systems often claim psychic powers and abilities and psychologists have sometimes claimed supernatural knowledge.

For the time being we must say that we don’t know what there is. Can there be effects out there that we don’t understand or don’t know? Our knowledge of the human mind including consciousness is not impressive so we must keep searching till we know. Natural phenomena are not fully understood or mapped.

The fact that this is a constantly appearing theme among humans shows that there is activity we need to know more about. Lack of knowledge or understanding must not stop us from trying to find out – it might even be helpful to know, improve our lives, show us connections to other areas. So let us have an open mind and not be too harsh with the people trying to find out. Let us not judge – but try to see and understand.

New knowledge has been found always and will continue to be found.

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