Buying weapons – preparing for war – killing – is that all there is for mankind?

Iraq is going out, Afghanistan must end. But the United States are selling weapons like never before.  Now the focus is on Iran – what shall we do with ever unruly Iran – and the Arabic countries are buying and stacking up weapons, Israel likewise but their weapons being even more sophisticated – sophisticated weapons are coming into everybody’s hands. And where does Turkey stand? And Nato? And who is supplying Iran?

So what is the purpose of it all? What is it that we do to ourselves and others?

The powers of destruction are greater than ever before, and summing up the killings in conflicts of the world is sad reading and getting sadder all the time – about 9 million killed in WWI, 60 million killed in WWII, then lots of killing in preemptive  and local wars, genocides numbering more than 60 in the decenniums after WWII and with with more than 15 conflicts killing over a million.

Weapons are getting more deadly efficient, sophisticated and super-expensive all the time, a big plane or a missile system costing billions of dollars. The economies of many countries need these conflicts to keep up their BNP.

Balanced security policy is said to be necessary, and leads to this kind of arms race. There will be a release of all this weaponry by putting it into action one day – what else shall it be used for – we can only see the contours now, but the pieces are coming into place. Will it be a number of small conflicts killing off about 1-5 million people each time or will it be bigger this time?

So why must we follow this path into death – and what good does this do? What are the problems we solve by acting like this? Why is thinking about peace considered naive? Applying logical thinking we easily find that the warmongering is surely creating trolls in our heads and we are behaving like zombies. The resources spent are truly wasted, the lives lost likewise. Or is this all really about the state of the superpower the US: power,  economy, influence?

So play must be changed – soon – before we find ourselves engaged in a WWIII. The new players like China, India, Brazil etc. must be called upon to balance the game. Civilization show yourself.

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