Soft path energy change: be more efficient!

More energy efficiency is needed – it is a fast resource! “Elegant frugality is better than wearing a hair shirt” (Amory Lovins)

We can work towards energy efficiency in many areas: fuel economy in transport, better roads (straigther, fewer jams), “green” houses, efficient use of water for farming, reduced meat production, fly less and have video meetings, build more efficient machinery like turbines,  etc.

Hydropower generation is under debate in Norway. The Government wants to increase hydropower production through newbuildings and efficiency measures in existing plants.  Environmentalists are protesting against damage to nature. The total potential is being estimated now. An increase in production of about 70% has been mentioned!

In Berlin and London electric cars are used in larger numbers than before. Charging facilities are being built and new technology is developing. In Norway a project is under way: “Infrastructure for plug-in cars”. 100 stations are in place, another 300 planned.



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