Changing the earth by large-scale engineering

We need to make the earth less prone to global warming if we want to stay here!

Large-scale changes are considered, for the time being as ideas, but later possibly in more practical terms.

There are two main themes: take away excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce the sunlight reaching the ground.

This can be done in several ways.

Increasing the photosynthetic processes so that more plants are created and less rotting is taking place is one. We can sprinkle the seas with iron or fertilizer to grow more plankton and algae. Some scientists want to do experiments to measure what happens.

Plant genetically modified trees that grow faster.

React carbon dioxide with hydrogen to make fuel.

Eject carbon dioxide from the Earth´s poles using the earth´s magnetic field.

Reflect  sunlight back into space by adding sulphate particles a.o. to the atmosphere, tinker with cloud cover.

A large number of possible ways of changing the earth has been suggested, but there are a number of uncertainties associated with all. Careful small-scale regulated experiments could move us forward?



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