The surgeon inside you

The dream of slipping or propelling small devices – nanobots –  into the body to deliver drugs in precise ways, repair ailments such as cancer or mutations in your DNA is on its way to reality. Small medical robots coming in through the gastro tract (you can swallow it) and microrobots entering the bloodstream are coming into use. 

Prototypes with legs that can move them around has been made, perhaps performing biopsies. Vibrating devices are being tested. Combining several of these devices can reduce the need for medication and anaestethics, as well as opening up for entirely new methods. What about hitching a ride with a bacterium or riding in a chemotaxi?

The devices can be powered via magnetic fields, locating it via the MRI machinery.

We are entering a new phase!

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  1. Hailey Andel says:

    Exactly where do these trolling bloggers get this stuff?

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