What are your real needs?

You live in a world that was given to you. Everything is locked up in organizations, structures and systems of many kinds. The fixed thinking of others and yourself is a foundation for everything as you think and do exactly the same as everybody else. You were taught many lessons and you have accepted it all. There is not a single independent thought in you – not one iota, not a fig.

You have never thought about it, because you have become a witless and scared little person sitting quite still in your opulent environment. You think you are content, all your material needs are met.

This is all very sad. It is, however, never too late to become a real person – to see what it is all about.

The first thing to check out is what do you really want? First find out about yourself and your relation to others – do you interact with others at all, except professionally and with family, does anybody depend upon you and do you depend upon anybody – especially in your near community? Do you help each other in any way? You buy everything you need, and you work like mad to get money to manage that? You have money so you don’t really need anybody? Right, but not fine. You could make life better for both yourself and others if you change that into more interactivity – more moneyless activity.

So check out about yourself, in your own place. How do you spend your time? Is your life really good, are your choices independent and serves you well or do you just follow what others do? Are you a must-have, follow-others person?

There is huge scope for change and increased consciousness – make sure you know what your life is really about, what you really want to do, what you really need to have – do a bit of deep thinking to find out.

You must see who you are now, what you want to be, what your relation to others are, what your relations to cosmos are – the totality of it all.

The ideal world for you to live in is the one you make yourself. After you have established your wish for being here, you can start creating your own – independent of all and everything – world, and start a fantastic and deeply satisfying journey – your own life. The possibilities for a human are boundless.

Do not interest yourself in irrelevant matters, do not follow or identify with matters of no or marginal interest to what you want. Do not be disturbed by your emotions, instincts, do not let your feelings or intellect play havoc with you. The noise from other people, the media, events, distractions of many kinds must not be allowed to disturb you.

Make sure there are facts and science to guide you, avoid myths and spin. Do not believe anything until you have checked it out for yourself – most stories are about other peoples’ need to make money or gather influence, they are seldom of relevance to you.

You must learn to use your hands so you can see the creative side of yourself and be able to develop that side of your personality. Participation in food production on some level is essential so that you understand what you are fed, where food comes from, the impact of food on yourself, society and the cosmos.

The activity that you choose to engage in is about your own life and what you love to do. It is also about what you can do for others. So keeping your aims clear and visible you must decide what activities are best.

It is required of you to see if you really need the things we are accustomed to and must have: goods of all kinds, entertainment, rich living spaces, world wide travel, foods? The work you do must not take most of your time as there are so many interesting things to engage in. A good solution is to set yourself up to see life and work as a whole – integrate everything you do into your life, get rid of the concept of work.  Are you spending enough time on what you love to do? Well…

The need for money is exaggerated – you do not need enormous amounts of the stuff. Do not try to be rich, but rather be content, and finding your own inner happiness is what it is all about.

So think a lot – be independent, realitybased, supporting your own wish for being, then do your own stuff that you love to do, do not be pressured by outside and inside forces.

You will gradually find that there is not so much you need, you can give of your time to others, receive from others, share, engage the cosmos – the greatness of what you do will amaze you.

The real needs you have will be apparent when you have established your aims, your wish for being here and started inner work. It is all about a foundation called inner work – try it!

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