The genes’ favourite food

A third of each – fat, carbohydrates, protein – in all your meals will do wonders for you. The genes like that as this is what the genes are built for : balance. If you can achieve this sort of balance your life style related illnesses will be reduced or may even disappear.

The researchers at the Norwegian university NTNU have found that this should be our aim. The truth is finally emerging they say, and they keep working to give it an even firmer footing.

In the West we are presently eating about 65% carbohydrates which makes our metabolism work very hard and we risk infections in our body – followed by circulation trouble, dementia, cancer, diabetes2. We risk having a metabolic inflammation and become slightly sick, hot and uncomfortable, and the long term consequences are awful.

It is all about reducing the need for making insulin which is what the body makes to defend itself against too much glucose in the blood.

So all meals should be balanced with a third each of fat, carbo, protein. You should also eat small meals 5-6 times a day so the body can keep the glucose level stable and right.

This should do the trick: Your health will improve. And if everybody does it we should have healthy communities, countries etc…And surprise – less illness leads to better lives, lower health expenditures.

So simple really and let us hope it is true – it is surely worth a try. Keep up the good work, you folks in Trondheim, Norway.

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