Painters making impressions

Two great painters are dead – Lucian Freud and  Cy Twombly.

Lucian Freud was 88 years old, drawing a lot of attention in his lifetime. Many people objected to his style that was stark, direct, some say twisted, he insisted that he painted what he saw. He obviously accented points of his preference. Many call his paintings grotesque. He presented mostly humans, but also animals and landscapes.

He was active for most of the 20th. century, he was a grandchild of Sigmund Freud. He got very close to depicting humans near their essence, near their soul. A Lucian Freud painting is recognisable in its form and style, choice of colors. He is said to have 40 children. His  life and paintings came very close to each other, he came close to life itself.

Cy Twombly is dead, 83 years old, also world renowned, but completely different. He was mostly abstract, often colorful, sparse, creative, there were often words in there as well. He scribbled, he turned to myths and classical stories.

His paintings were creative and raw, sculptures in the classical form, intentions of landscapes. Edwin Parker became Cy and was hugely influential – and highly prized.

Go have a look at their paintings – you will be well rewarded – art at the breaking edge – important artists both. They both touched our inner mind.

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