Hypnosis – you can do it yourself

Through hypnosis you can induce hypnotic trance in your mind, and we can all do it ourselves. We then have self-hypnosis which is a personal tool whereby you can enter into and come back from hypnotic trance. You can use it as it suits you, and mostly people use it for self-development and stress-control.

Self-hypnosis makes it possible to re-program or change the unconscious. This way you can better control your life – make yourself independent and have better control over where your mind takes you.

Your unconscious mind supports your beliefs and functions:

  • remembrance
  • control of your non-willed functions like breath, blood circulation, the metabolism, removal of unwanted substances…
  • controls your creativity, fantasies
  • is the source of our feelings
  • controls your habits of thinking, activity
  • energizes us, drives us towards our goals – if we have them

Personality says how you behave, who you are, your traits, behaviour , thoughts, feelings. You can improve mastery of your world by accepting who you are, know and control your feelings, defend yourself against adverse reactions -inner and outer.

Through better personal insight you can

  • increase your own worth
  • gain insight into what you really master
  • use the self-hypnosis tool to lead you towards your goals
  • be a winner in your own eyes

Changes need visions, development is a process – know what you have done, what have you not achieved.

The trance induced by self-hypnosis varies, and you are often just relaxed, you can control it completely yourself. You use a procedure taking you into and out of trance. During trance your mind see no restrictions, you can think , dream, remember, create as you unconscious wants to.

So the procedure is:

  • sit or lie comfortably
  • decide when to wake up
  • decide on the themes for self suggestion
  • enter the trance, use the self-hypnosis method of your choice
  • the awakening

If you achieve only a superficial trance you can use depth enhancing methods.

For many people this is a mystic rite. The way to go is to read up on it, test it and see for yourself. Meditation and self-hypnosis are methods that many people should try.

When we are many who have practised self-hypnosis we will know more. And you will have a better life, and the world will perhaps be a better place.

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