The warring world must mend its ways

The media are filled with reports of military activity and impending military activity. It is normal to have wars in our world, we are used it, it is necessary to keep wars going it seems. Movies are glorifying it.

The force behind it all is the US being busy all over the world with their “defence” and security activities, and pulling or forcing their allies into it. The recent Wikileaks fully confirm this.

The Middle East is now filling up with armory, Iran is trying to build an atomic bomb, what Israel and others are doing nobody knows. Afghanistan is continuing with more troops coming, Pakistan is shaking. Egypt is shaking and wants to change.

The Chinese are building an army, a navy, an airforce, surely weaponry of many kinds too. The conflict over sea areas in the South China Sea is escalating, the Chinese will not lose face in what they consider their own home waters.

The Korean question hangs in the air too, even if it seems we have forgotten why this national conflict should lead to a larger conflict in the area. The US carriers are busily steaming back and forth here, presenting everyone with a threatening view.

The US is busy everywhere, and now the US debt is dangerously high – economically dangerous for everyone – but the “defence” budget will not be trimmed – “defence” action all over the world must continue.

All this makes for an unstable world – we all worry. The clue to it all is the US and its need to keep people on their toes so that their military spending will be high. Combined with methodical pressure on most nations the world lumbers on with US military industry as busy as ever.

Add the terror industry the US is creating and the picture is complete. The media in all of the western world is giving credibility to it all: yes, this is how it must be.

The result is a world full of scared people – we are all scared. This is part of a huge moneymaking industry: Scare the world, arm it and get rich. If somebody use the weapons you get even richer.

China is now facing up to the US. They want the US to stop interfering in its own backyard. What if China deployed cruisers in US coastal areas – to protect its own interests? What if somebody should threaten the US on its own land?

The US is a scarying nation, scaring us all with their ways. This can not continue.

We can have a better life than this, and the first job is to scale the US down to its real size: With 5% of the world’s population it should have 5% influence in the world.

Surely this is not all we are capable of: war? What about shifting focus to the big challenges to humanity: sustainability, poverty reduction, education for all, health issues…?

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