The observer – you – makes his world

It is becoming apparent that we have no grand design for the universe – at least not yet. The old models are failing us and new ones are needed. New theories are being put forward in the name of biocentrism. Biocentrism is a combination of observance, physics and biology helping to explain the world. We wonder at the fine balances of the universe, the mammal software we are all carrying that helps create what we see, the role of the observer, time and space, life and death. Life is possibly the creator of the universe.

The big science has been physics, and our models for understanding the world has been built around modern physics: energy, light, matter, quantum mechanics, time and space. But life’s origin and consciousness can not be explained by physics. The fundamentals are not in place. Understanding does not come from cells and their processes or the genome either. The ways we understand this have all been created by us, but perhaps there is nothing without the observer.

We need to unite physics and living and introduce biology and make our perception – seeing, thinking, hearing – part of it. Reality is thus – probably – what we perceive, and it involves our consciousness too. Where there is no observer – no one to perceive – there is nothing, just a probability of reality. Life and observation thus creates the universe. Space and time is the method we use to perceive changes in the universe. So if we take consciousness away there is nothing. Life requires emotional energy to create consciousness and perception. So where does the energy of life come from and where does it go when we age and die? Energy does not disappear, it only changes form.

These new ideas have been proposed, research is in the works, new knowledge must be found. These thoughts are fresh and immature, but has been growing for some time. Discarding some of the old thinking is never easy, but humans will keep doing it.

See Lanza/Berman: Biocentrism

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