Know yourself (IV)

Humans have two main responses: intellectual and instinctive.

Your intellectual side is always sorting things in groups of good and bad. The reason for this is survival, your mind must find all bad things that can threaten your survival. It creates habits to protect you, makes you slow to search out the new ideas and happenings around you. Your mind wants you to relax, be lazy and dream and make you survive. Most new thoughts will generate fear in your mind to keep you from destroying yourself. It is assisted by further forces inside your mind – your mental center or blind spot – in the form of programmed or default reactions like comfort, anger, depression, drugs, flight… to make you a creature of habits of survival.

Instinctive response is fast, often angry or scared, and controlled by your habits and is often a default response – in the form of a habit.

You have to work hard to become aware of this. Through self-observation you can see what is happening, but do not let your body become tense by judging what your mind is doing to you. Just observe unecessary thinking and build strength and understanding.

Humans learn through observation, repetition, trial and error, play and all are aimed at survival. So the challenge is to respond logically and not by showing up some habit or default response. Emotion is energy and it can be channelled towards love or anger. When you observe yourself in a relaxed way you may be able to wait and see, understand, choose an action according to the aims you have set for yourself.

Self observation is the key, and you must start there.

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