Can good eating habits and exercise reduce the risk of cancer?

Do the red meats, white flour and soft drinks toxify your body, while little or no exercise makes it even worse? Can the bad cells be tamed by manipulations of their environment?

There seems to be only slight evidence in favour. This is from experiments done on cells in culture, sometimes from studies of mice with cancer, and occasionally from small studies on actual human beings. For none is there the kind of data that would support the licensing of a new drug.

The positives encompass the antioxidants, the good fats, the whole grains and the green teas. Have no sugar, but eat the omega-3s. The body fat in the obese creates a giant repository of fat-soluble carcinogens. Further adopt a diet heavy on cabbage, berries and dark chocolate.

Extracts of garlic, onions and leeks will demolish all kinds of cancer cells in a culture. But once the leek is chewed, swallowed, demolished by intestinal enzymes and absorbed into the blood are the molecules likely to kill cancer cells or engage in armed combat against cancer? 

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