Future scenarios

”Forum for the future” has made tentative scenarios for the future:

The climate changes will twist the economy in many ways – some of which will be unpleasant.

There will be not only physical considerations, but psychic and social changes as well.

History will judge us: heroes that solved the problems or villains that let things slide?

Technological innovation could be massive or not: CO2 emissions will become very expensive, nobody has cars anymore, you rent or travel collectively, Sahara will be green due to desalination technology, power generation from tide or waves, large areas will be depopulated due to lack of water,

Olympics will be virtual with billions of spectators.

Global development will make people have moderate lifestyle focusing on well-being and quality of life. We work only 25 hours, spending additional 10 hours doing voluntary work.

The environmental crisis has not been solved, price of oil is over 400 dollars, refugees are moving near the poles, energy is quota-based…

What do we want – can we have a positive development?

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