A balanced world – Arabs included

We have talked about an Arab spring lately as many Arab countries are changing their ways. We have even talked about the rise or resurgence of the Arab world. The once mighty Arab nations were leaders in politics and culture and should rebuild their importance again.

There has been demonstrations, violence, war-like situations with bombing, fighter planes, killings and crackdowns. There is no clear outcome yet, but the movement is developing into more clear action with elections coming up in several countries.

Many countries are involved: Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, even Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and more. In Saudi Arabia a new prince is coming in, although he is said to be conservative.

The withdrawal of US troops from Iraq is a fact and a new situation will develop there.

The Israel-Palestine question is also part of it as the US has been very pro-Israel and will suffer from that now.

The US-led boycott of Iran may also develop into a situation that is difficult to control.

The picture we have of Arab countries is heavily infleunced by Islam, but there are secular forces as well.

The systems of governance is perhaps the most challenging part, with a need for new institutions and practices. The economies are severely divided, and fair distribution, modernising are important themes.

A more coherent and independent, as well as forceful political presence on the world scene is also required.

The societies of the Arab world needs to be opened up, allowing free and independent thinking, culture in all its aspects.

So these are exciting times as we look forward to a world that includes the Arab countries in a broad sense – a more balanced world. It is not only about oil and Islam – we need their full presence, balancing America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.

Go ahead then – develop a new foreign policy – one that includes the Arab world fully. Looking forward to that – the balanced world of the future that it will be.

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