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In the future world of deep ecology we need education to understand what this is about. It has been likened to a life philosophy  and it will affect our western lifestyle profoundly. It is not about going back to nature, it is about understanding the place of man in the ecological system – an equal among equals. There is a living system all around us that we are part of, that is constantly developing, and we are developing with it. We must all find out what this is all about, and make it a personal choice to be part of it.

Some points to consider as this is not only about plants and fish, but ethics and systems too:

  • We must make less self centered choices about economic growth, even thinking of stopping economic growth or production in some areas. This thinking is completely new, but it should not mean having less, but distributing what there is fairly. A lot of what we make and is part of “economic growth” should be stopped. An obvious example are bombs. A lot of products should be recycled completely – e.g. metallic products. When we produce “enough” of a product it should become a commodity that everybody can have via the public domain at a fixed cost, and it becomes a common pool resource.
  • The system we have for health care should be for all, it is a public good. There are choices to be made, difficult ones about priorities. Our methods for developing cures are grossly inefficient, and people are dying because of it. Research into new ways and methods should be free and open and publicly funded. The drug companies are not the ones to do this.
  • Protecting the environment must become priority number one. This also have wide health implications.
  • We must use progressive technologies that are already out there and develop new ones – societal influence on development and use must dominate.
  • The understanding of human health must improve so that we know how our bodies work, including our brains, so that we can live well, eat and train sensibly based on knowledge.
  • Issues like abortion, gay rights, drinks and drugs and a million others should be either part of research programs where we find solutions, or less regulated or left to your private sphere.
  • Natural resources are a common pool for all and should be handled through common pool resource management. This is a prime area for corrupted practices, and must be stopped.
  • Political processes should be re-engineered to remove lobbying and forcing by special interest groups, many questions like roads, water, hospitals, schools should be run as a common pool resource and removed from politics. Corporate lobbying is a disease. Only individuals can take part in politics. Political influence on personal choice should be cut or removed.
  • Local politics and engagement should be rebuilt, participation should be increased, political principles should be renewed.
  • Corporations should not be allowed to become enormous so that they can threaten society in various ways. Small, agile, innovative enterprizes should be the norm.
  • Free trade is the normal system, but there is cooperation and coordination on selected products.
  • Product design, construction, distribution should all be ecologically founded, with a view to long life, use of resources, recirculation, practicality.
  • All decisions should be measured against an ecological yardstick: cost/benefit analysis
  • All communities, both urban/rural should be in a state of permanent renewal and development, or closed down as part of a willed process. Ghost cities are bad.
  • Excesses should be eliminated because people as ecological beings do not want them, as all products are measured ecologically.
  • Local culture must prevail – Americanization of the world is not desirable, and the same goes for Chinesifaction.
  • Education must be free up to and including university level, it must be broadened, travel to other parts of the world must be included to learn about foreign culture and philosophy, the exclusivity of intellectual training must be changed so that emotional, creative, intuitive abilities are recognised and trained. This way we can find our place in the world.
  • The monetary system and the system of markets must be changed profoundly – it’s basis must be broadened – now it is for the few that are running us around.
  • Forget politics – do not wait for something, it will never happen. World decisions will never materialize. All good systems are bottom-up: you decide for yourself, become an ecological being, express ecological views, see that it is good, others will join in, and you have an improved situation where you are. Do not think about everything, but stop thinking and get on with your life. You are the only one who can do it. “Obama” does not know about you and never will.

Think deeply and make a personal choice about deep ecology – it surely is a good idea.

So you think this is naive and far too wide – just start working on deep ecological principles and you will see that it is profound and much deeper and wider than these points.

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