East meets West

The world is divided into blocks. It has to do with physical distance, culture, economics, politics, religion. The thinking behind it all also seems to be going on in its own way inside these blocks.

Culturally we think the best about ourselves. Our art and literature is deemed superior to culture from far away. Intellectually the differences may seem huge. We appear to be living in different worlds. But remember that all continents have produced great art and literature.

The Greeks are considered the source of our wisdom and culture, our model. But it now appears that the Greeks travelled widely also eastwards – to Persia and India, picking up thinking and wisdom from these parts and amalgamating it into their own thinking. Our Western tenets of freedom of speech and thinking, fairness, distribution of wealth, human suffering et. al. have also been part of Eastern thinking. Maybe some ideas originated in the East and later were made our own.

It now appears that there is a oneness based on basic human values like love and respect, and that it is possible to say that Eastern and Western thought are similar although the languages and expressions are different. There are also stages of development, differences of opinion, powerplay involved. Some people are famous in the West, others are famous in the East.

Gradually we will now see a merging of philosophies, the old ways will be left behind, new ways will emerge. The basic premise is that we must all take care of all living things under the all-embracing oneness there is. This oneness is emerging in many areas like deep ecology, life sciences of interconnectedness and systems thinking, medical thinking of body and mind, the Gaia model of the Earth.

This may seem like speculation now – but watch it – the increasing stature of many nations, the rebalancing of the nations of the world will aid the wholeness and integrating processes. The East will meet the West, and the philosophy of oneness will grow.

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