Hiding the truth – or twisting it

There is almost always a reality to be found in the activities humans engage in – there is a truth. Information leading us to see the truth must be available so that true processes can run their course. Of course we do not always  agree as to what true processes are: maybe so that democracy can function, balanced action is possible.

When we know the truth we can get nearer to what is right, and elected politicians should abide by the truth.

Information control, propaganda, twists, spin have made the truth hard to find. The people with the agendas played out locally and on the world scene now try to control what information you will have access to. Human activity or what goes on – including war –  is not always reported as a true story, there is a fight for our minds – what you can be led to think is going on.

This is the reality of modern information processes. But it is not good enough to leave the truth to be found out by historians in about two hundred years time.

The media are playing along as they let themselves be controlled for reasons unknown – maybe it is a lack of access and resources, they just repeat what they are told. The truth is now hidden – may it always has been – trust in public information is gone.

Wikileaks has popped a little bomb about Afghanistan – some of the realities have been bared. The informants will now be killed, they say.

If it all is about information control we go astray. The power game has gone too far – reality must be reinstated. Wikileaks is there, the rest of the media have doubtful presence, but remember that Watergate exposed a bad president. We need exposure, even power games must tolerate that, the world must be transparent.

This is obviously naive, but truth will out, and hiding the truth can be dangerous. It will be a shame if we did not do right because we did not know.

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