The future of the scientific or knowledgebased world

We have done much to improve the world. Science and technology has been used to increase wellbeing and prosperity for most people. But there are areas of dismay: there are about 1 billion poor and starving people and we are harming the globe in many ways for future generations.

Food production and consumption is an area where the present industrialized system can not go on. We are changing the face of the earth to produce food, often substandard, lots of food is wasted, and distribution systems leads to lack of food in many areas. Sustainable methods are lacking.

Many illnesses are still there, often due to lack of sanitation and clean water.

Education is not available for all, creating large differences.

Science now enters a new phase where systems, networks and interconnections are featured, and huge possibilities can be seen for development. New technology in the bio- and nano spheres are there.

But there seems to a growing difference of opinion about what is right and what we should do. There is no longer an authority that knows – the facts are disputed in every field. We can move into new territory, but we must solve the knowledge problem and establish what is right.

Science is about how things really are – there is one true way that things work and that is right – even allowing for complexity in systems.

The agreement about the future is no longer there.

New thinking about deep ecology, the money system and continually happening crises, health issues, poverty, terrorism, harming the Earth etc. is not integrated, not well enough known and simply not on peoples agendas.

People are talking about scams, hoaxes and there are spins and lobbying. There are many dangers and this creates fear.

Political, scientific, ethical, financial issues must be integrated. A collectivization of the new big ideas is needed – so that we can make a foundation for the future. Some say this is not possible.

The real state of knowledge makes this possible if enough of us want it. Dialogue must be improved, knowledge and enlightenment must be improved. The new authority is the thinking about what is right that we all share – our common platform of thought and action.

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