New approaches to the betterment of society

Several institutions with better methods and new ways of thinking are now coming to the fore. I will mention two:

1. The Co-Intelligence Institute (Tom Atlee) works to further the understanding and development of co-intelligence. It focuses on catalyzing co-intelligence in the realms of politics, governance and conscious evolution. They research, network, advocate, and help organize leading-edge experiments and conversations in order to weave what is possible into new, wiser forms of civilization. They help link people involved in co-intelligent activities to each other and to ideas and tools that will help them increase the co-intelligence in their lives, communities and societies.

2. Nansen Dialogue will, through applying the ideas and skills of dialogue, empower people who live in conflict situations to contribute to peaceful conflict transformation, and democratic development with promotion of human rights.

Nansen Dialogue is marked by the wish to provide a neutral and open space where the different actors in a serious conflict can meet face to face in truthful and honest communication. The aim is to break down enemy images, as well as to increase understanding of each other’s positions, interests and needs. Facilitators and lecturers try to stimulate the cognitive analysis of the conflict itself and the experience of “the other’s” position. The focus is not on who is right or most guilty, but on how to build respect for democratic principles, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution for future improvement of society. These principles are to be an alternative in political organisation to national chauvinism and ethnic loyalty.

The Nansen Academy also hosts the Norwegain Peace Centre that offers training in peace education, with particular focus on diaspora / refugee youth in Norway.

In charge of this program: Steinar Bryn

(Text are quotes from their websites)

US Government – Obama administration – has set up a website to encourage participation: How can we strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness by making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative?

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