Environmental plan of action based on facts

Many activities are now taking place to improve the climate and environment. A number of countries, communities, companies, international and national organizations and many individuals are now spending time and money on improvements- progress is made! There seems to be many reasons for the participants to do this: stop global warming, make your environment nicer and cleaner, improve your company profile, save money, combat poverty and many others.

This activity is based upon the information that has been published over the last, say, 20 years. But the description of the problem, with corresponding facts, necessary activity and/or voluntary activity and its coordination is not there – it is ramshackle. There is no cost/benefit analysis – no first things first, just a bit of everything.

Many of the big emitters – USA, China – are not taking part. The situation is rather absurd, and we must ask if this is just about emissions or is there a wider agenda involving the world´s eco-system. There seems to be more politics involved than required problem solving for the earth and its inhabitant´s benefit.

How urgent is this – are we going to do die next year or is it just about making the world a better place – sometime?

We must have the basics on the table. Facts must be established, there must be wide consensus about the situation, autorithy must be found, timelines must be established, international cooperation among all nations is a must. This will not happen in the near future so we must conclude that the problem is not very serious?

Meanwhile all nations must establish their own framework for environmental improvement: Facts, autorithy, participants and roles. Both lawmakers, companies and households must take part within a set of requirements that will lead us in the right direction. 

We now have a limbo – little facts, no established authority, partial cooperation, no regulation, no standards, no comprehensive law on climate change, no caps on emissions.

A new regime must be built up gradually so that there is time for adaptation, research and development.

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