Make creativity matter in industry

It could be possible to get quick reduction of emissions if companies are allowed to make money from doing it!  The fight against emissions must not only be a fight against expenses, but a possibility for extra income. Creativity should be used to find new technology, stimulate in finding solutions, use the best available technology and permissible quotas should be based on the same.

But remember that solutions must be efficient in the the sense that they are economically sound, and not dependent upon grants and subsidies in the long term.

We must see what industry needs to find good solutions and create a climate of cooperation.


“Industry Genius: the book presents the inventive genius behind technological breakthroughs by ten global companies including Alcoa, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, ST Micro and Visteon. Readers will gain understanding and insight into how cutting-edge technology is helping protect the climate and/or the ozone layer, while contributing to the company’s bottom line. Each chapter chronicles the challenge and triumph of invention, introduces the engineers and executives who overcome conventional wisdom, and demonstrates the contribution these companies are making to environmental protection. In full colour and crammed with graphics to illustrate the creative process of technological breakthroughs, the book is accessible and informative. The genius of these ten companies will inspire the engineer, the policy-maker, the student, the environmentalist, the CEO and the investor alike.”

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