Architects of climate change: Copenhagen 2009

Some of the persons behind protocols and agreements: Stephen Andersen, Madhava Sarma

They are now preparing the December 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference. Agreement is in the wings, and the  finance crisis is now being used to reduce climatic ambitions in many nations.

Too much energy too little reductions

Finance crisis can be positive as it shows more clearly the necessity of change.

There is also discussion about what should be the main theme for negotiations – ozone, co2, climate, Gaia? The theme has to be sold to “the world”!

We must also foster scientific agreement as to what the problem is – scientific authority has to be established.

We must also make all states agree about goals, procedures etc.

Voters must tell/advise their politicians what to do: Everybody on board

Widen the scope: all countries, developed and non developed must participate

Poor countries want somrthing in exchange for adoption?

Basically it has to do with the earth!

The role of the USA is complex!

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