Environmental governance

A major theme for politicians is environmental pollution, often mentioned in connection with emisssions of carbon dioxides, nitrogen oxides etc. Control procedures for these emissions are not in place, and there seems to be a lack of understanding of the gravity of the problem, or may be the matter is not ready for affirmative action yet. There is also the question of climatic justice – who is responsible for handling the effects that are caused by others: “polluter pays” ? 

There must be a baseline, quantifiable goals, agreement as to what emissions we are talking about, time series of data so that we can see what happens over time, control institutions to oversee the work and its results. The figures must state how serious the situation really is, and the authority on this must be widely accepted.

Norwegian stats:


Commitment in the form of laws or regulations in all countries must be established.  Gobal environmental governance can not be voluntary? 

Let the principle of procrastination apply for a while longer. 

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