The water of your life is in your body. If it is good your life is good.

Nutrition is about many things, and water is truly significant.

Most of us use water from public pipes, believing that the water we drink and wash with is fairly healthy. A large number of people have no water on tap and have to make do with whatever they manage.

But consciousness about water quality standards is getting increasing focus, and rightly too as it is very important regarding your health and your longevity.

Ideally good water from public networks is what everybody should have. That is cheap and convenient, possibly even healthy. Many are near that ideal, but once again we should raise our consciousness about what we really use.

Bottled water is big business because it it deemed safer, better in some way. Many people get water filters – there are many kinds -to make sure their water is Ok. Some people even have water filters on their showers to make sure.

Water as we use it now are of many kinds because the water standards vary widely. Pollution is an issue, and substances added to the water is another.

The sources of water are surface water, groundwater and rinsed water from public systems. Water contains many minerals and metals, bacteria, microbes, pollution from soil or industry, leakage of various kinds.

Water is special because it can hold many substances, it may be clean or not clean, it may be dangerous to your health, even toxic or it can be good for your health.

Everybody must have ample water as our bodies comprise about 75% water. If we get too little water our health is affected. So we must drink water, depending upon the size of your body about 1.5 – 2.5 liters pr. day.

Health effects of lack of water are tiredness, bad digestion, premature aging, pains and aches in many parts of the body. Health risks from bad water is heart attacks, cancer, chronic diseases.

Water facilitates circulation of fluids, lubrication of joints, helps stabilize body temperature, it holds dissolved minerals to be used by body tissues.

Water containing calcium and magnesium is called hard water, which results in less cardiovascular disease.

In some places abpout 2100 chemicals have been found in drinking water. This is clearly not acceptable, and regulations should be put into place.

Chlorine and fluoride are not acceptable substances in drinking water. Both are harmful to our health, and fluoride have no beneficial effects related to dental helath.

Water is also used for washing, showering and absorption of chemicals take place through your skin. We also inhale water steam when washing and chemicals contained in the water may be absorbed.

From many sources there now seems to be agreement that the main factors to watch are

  • hardness – content of calcium and magnesium where a good value is 170 mg/L
  • total dissolved solids TDS with 300 mg/L
  • pH alkaline of 7.0 or higher

Discussions about water standards are just beginning, and knowledge is building. Our administrative systems for handling of water matters should also be evaluated. Perhaps some sort of common pool resource management should be considered.

So check out your water, both what it contains and also what it not contains. Your life and your health depend upon it. If you don’t like it you must fix it.


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