The electric car is coming – to a person near you.

Electric cars are showing up in increasing numbers in many places. The Tesla is here, GreenGoTek (US), Think and Buddy from Norway, Citroen and Peugeot has been in there for a number of years – and Nissan/Renault is working on a full lineup of cars, GM has the Volt, Mitsubishi has the MieV, Fiat, Reva and Tata from India etc. It appears there will be thousands of these in most countries in a few years – in Norway an hoped-for 200.000 cars in 2020.

Research projects like ECar (A strategy for electrification of road transport in Norway) are starting.

No emissions, no noise, no tolls to pay, low taxes, free parking some places…… Subsidies for charging stations are being used in many countries to promote these cars.

Charging a car takes too long – using 220V on a 16A fuse it takes an hour to charge up for a 10 km drive. Battery-changing surely must be the answer, and projects for that is under way.

Will politicians keep the low tax regime? Will economics and taxation considerations decide or do we allow introduction of new  technology and lose some revenue? Will emissions really show a decrease?

These cars are coming your way!

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