Music for the future – hopefully near future

The guitar based rock-like music is all-permeating and hopefully here to stay. But new ways of exciting us must come – surely!

Therefore look to the the electronic world: data-programs and electronic machines can do wonderful things for a creative mind! So far the substantiality of it all is not great – apparently and commercially – but changes are afoot.

Some busswords: solo-live-oscillator-laptop-synth-ambient-dubcore-noisetronicaband, improvised and structured music near the borderline of noise, electronica and ambient. Virtual sound produced by spatial algoritms. All this indicates quiet  and cosy music.

Algorithmic composition, algorithmic music analysis, music analysis software and techniques – many compositional approaches are possible – rules-based techniques, data-driven models, genetic algorithms, neural networks, fuzzy logic, mathematical modeling and sonification. Software programs like Common Music, Max, Open Music etc….

Now listen  – has this a place in the world of music: Ambisonics, spherical acoustics, 2010acoustics, signal processing and perception. What about spherical microphone arrays? Spherical acoustics theory? Ambisonics for sound scene reproduction and virtual acoustic environments?

What is coming? The public is ready!

Take a look:

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