Badly governed states

A number of states in the world are not doing so well in one way or another. This can be a problem for others as well.

A number of situations can rise: chaos, suffering of many kinds for its people, room for terrorists, internal conflicts, lack of freedom, forced migration, smuggling, disease, rise of warlords, reduced output of goods, pirates…. The variations are endless.

An unstable situation can spread to other nations and areas and harm other countries interests. 

A persistent unstable situation in a country should be helped by the world community, not just one of the big powers. Both USA and China and others have been active on the world arena, and the UN have several presences in troubled areas. Many intelligence operations are following developments.

As part of a civilized development international cooperation should be tried, less big power arm-twisting, politicking and more use of dialog principles, may be via the UN.


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