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Ocean/offshore windmills

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

New power production systems may be constructed in the high seas where wind is abundant. A number of possible solutions are being developed, and the challenges are enormous.

Windmills at sea must be able to withstand the forces of nature including a saline environment and temperature differences, it must be possible to reach them for maintenance at all times, and we must ensure that the energy it produces can be taken ashore. There are environmental questions to consider: fisheries, birdlife, traffic at sea.

It took a long time to develop energy systems for water and oil, and we must be prepared for similar time horizons now.

The aim of being the new energy source of the world for sustainable energy is politically and economically tempting for Norway. (Gemini)

StatoilHydro´s Hywind project with the worlds first seabased windmill is in development. Central part is the cable connecting the windmill to the shore. Other participants in the area utilizing the cable are Sway with floating sea wind turbines, bottom fixed mills/turbines as well as wave power installations.