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A bold future world: The Venus Project

Monday, February 8th, 2010

An interesting set of thinking is gaining force: The Venus Project.

This is a project about the future and how we possibly are going to live. The basis is scientific methods and the aim is to redesign the Earth’s civilization so that it is the best possible for all. The monetary system is removed, politics is removed, poverty and hunger is eradicated, sustainability is everywhere, equality is ubiquitous…

It is very critical of the state of the world today: the rotten monetary system, politics gone awry, corruption rampant, greedy businesses, unnecessary poverty and hunger, scientific developments stalled.

It is suggested the world should be changed in dramatic ways. TheĀ  economy will be based on the Earth’s resources made available for all, decisions arrived at with the help of computer systems: this dynamic project could help turn development in the right direction.

Vested interests must be removed so that ideas can flow – and be realized also.

Changes are coming and the Venus Project is a very positive way of looking at the foundations for a new future – let us give it a chance!

See link The Venus Project They have a nice e-book for the project too!

See also: DOTSUB

Look for developments – this will be exciting!