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The politics and practice of carbon neutrality – or: the action must start

Friday, June 19th, 2009

We have a global warming process developing. The facts are not crystal clear, but there is broad agreement about the problem and its causes. Many companies, individuals  and organisations have made it their ambition to contribute meaningfully.

The aim of it all is to become carbon neutral – everyone of us.

There must be changes if we are to achieve this. The way we live, eat and transport ourselves, how we treat the air, the earth┬┤s surface and the sea must become new.

In most countries there is a fundamental lack of comprehensive action. The change process has to start with clear messages to our politicians to establish a framework for change. Now everybody is looking at each other, talking and doing bits and pieces.

Our lives and the corresponding politics must change together.

Are the politicians afraid of the changes that must come? Are they afraid of losing the next election?

We have to work with the next generations in mind. Along term solution is required, beyond present day people.

We know there is a problem, but we are not able to solve it. Or is the situation not dangerous enough yet – if so why all the problematizing? The situation is rather bizarre.

There are also other challenges to deal with: poverty, lack of sanitation and health services, illiteracy…

A political push is needed:

  • President Barack Obama wants speedy passage of U.S. legislation to tackle the problem of global climate warming. The Republicans say it is a energy tax and oppose it. The two parties should obviously have further talks to establish common ground and decide what this is all about.
  • China is busy on several fronts – solar, coal – it seems legislation takes care of itself there.
  • Many other countries have already started to move.