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The future of terror

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

A hideous happening took place in Oslo, Norway on the 22nd of July 2011. A man came out of nowhere – for us – and bombed and killed many people. How sad this is – a man doing an appaling act of violence breaking all the rules in the book of humanity. The Prime Minister, the Royals, all the people did well in caring and being there – well done.

We are in a state of grief now – but soon  questions will be asked and evaluations started. We must see to it that such things do not happen again anywhere.

A lot of questions are unanswered:

  • How come he was seemingly  so efficient, knowledgeable, capable?
  • Why was the bomb set off when most people had left the buildings?
  • How could he place a car at such a place at all?
  • Is it possible to build such a bomb without being found out before the bomb is ready?
  • This bomb can not possibly be the only one he made? Where were tests performed?
  • How come he was such a good shot? Who taught him handling weapons?
  • Is he a soldier or agent of some sort?
  • His mental state during the killing was seemingly cool, calm and collected – is this possible without training?
  • He is a freemason – what did they do for him, why is there no information now about this relationship?
  • Why did he direct his act towards the leading Norwegian political group?
  • How can he possibly have written such a big learned document on his own? How did he find 1000 mail-adresses to send it to?
  • How was it possible for him to keep shooting people for more than one hour before the police arrived?
  • Why did he just fold down when police arrived? Why did not the police just plain kill him to stop the dreadful work he was doing?
  • Could anybody possibly benefit from the killing? Who could they be?
  • There are many more…

The media are buzzing – being all over the place, putting labels on all as an explanation – but carefully avoiding all controversial issues. The politicians are of no use now – being nowhere – they are thinking about elections already. The forums of information are in flux – there are too many places and agendas out there. All we can do is retreat and be sceptical now when the depth of the story shall be found, all shall be told, push for more information when things are cloudy.

This man is not alone – he is a trained man, he has been aided in many ways – the police and the media (investigative journalism is not quite dead) should do a thorough job and show us what this is all about.

It was Norway now, others have suffered similar horrendous deeds – and what will come next?

The crux of the matter is the uncertainty that is being created – this happens everywhere – where next? This was not a stray affair in a little country – we are at risk of seeing more.

The sum of it all is that we all must look into the reality of our world, what we do, how we allow others to govern us, the old-fashioned thinking behind our political system, how we participate, the huge differences in social status and welfare in many countries, the total lack of sharing of thoughts, the dissatisfied peoples of the world moving about wherever they can get to, the control of media, the  enormous non-democratic powers being built globally through big companies, the narrowness of public debate and conversation, the complete collapse of traditional media that allow media strategies and spins, our unwillingness to be multicultural, lack of accept of other races, the insistence of many that there are powers behind.

The situation is one of a global character.

This is perhaps too grand, it is to put too much into a blow against a little people, but this terrorist deed should result in the world becoming more open, more dialogue-based, more inclusive in all matters, a better place for all – to show him that he failed miserably at whatever he was doing. The result should be an opening up.

Talk and always let others talk, meet, find deep consensus so we can find what living is really about. This was very sad, people must not be killed in actions like this at all. The way out is to get to know each other better, including opacity related to agendas, powers, murkyness.